A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2015

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SMWCon Fall 2015A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2015

At total of 37 contributions are planned to be contributed or were contributed to SMWCon Fall 2015:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Semantic MediaWiki for Context Management in a Web of Things Use Case of Ambient Assisted Living A non-technical expert friendly Semantic MediaWiki for describing and providing AAL context to distributed platforms, services and applications Nicole Merkle Ambient Assisted Living, AAL, Web of Things, Context Management, Distributed platforms, ontologies, user friendly Talk, Presentation external link
The Other Extensions The average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms. Yaron Koren introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, learners, extensions, semantic extensions Tutorial, Demo, Workshop
Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki This tutorial provides an beginner's introduction into the usage of SMW-based wikis. Chris Koerner introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners Tutorial, Demo, Workshop
Dockerizing Semantic MediaWiki This workshop shows us how to use Docker in connection with Semantic MediaWiki. Wolfgang Fahl introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners Demo, Workshop, Tutorial
SMW for citizen science, some examples and perspectives Experiences with SMW for 'citizen science', crowd sourcing structured scientific data. The success of SEQwiki and other less successful projects. Plans and perspectives on 'crowd computing'. Dan Bolser citizen science Talk, Technical talk, Presentation
Industrial Wiki This presentation provides an introduction to Semantic MediaWiki applications in the industrial environment. Alexander Gesinn data modelling, data application, content management Talk, Presentation external link
Ecommerce wiki This presentation introduces the Ecommerce wiki as a best practice example for Semantic MediaWiki. Ad Strack van Schijndel data modelling, content management Talk, Presentation external link
GraphScope: Knowledge graph search in your SMW Search your semantic data with simple keyword queries Daniel Herzig Semantic search, keywords2sparql, GraphScope, live demo Talk, Demo, Presentation
Fresnel Forms This talk presents "Fresnel Forms", a library plugin that was developed for the Semantic Web ontology editor "Protégé". Lloyd Rutledge ontology tools, Ontology Talk, Technical talk, Presentation
The SmartConnect extension This talk introduces SmartConnect, an extension to import data from several modelleing environments. Remco de Boer data modelling, ontologies, live demo Talk, Demo, Presentation
Overview and introduction to new semantic extensions This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to the semantic extensions of the SMWProject which were introduced in 2015 and aim to present SMW as solution for different use cases. Karsten Hoffmeyer semantic extensions, content management Demo, Presentation external link
Semantic MediaWiki real-world use cases and their underlying concepts This tutorial gives an overview of the central aspects and elementary use cases that make Semantic MediaWiki appear at its best. Lex Sulzer introduction, how to, tutorial, beginners, lerners Demo, Workshop, Tutorial
SMW based Virtual Research Environments This presentation introduces Virtual Research Environments based on Semantic MediaWiki which are used in education. Cornelia Veja data modelling, data application, content management Talk, Presentation external link
Semantic MediaWiki and Linked Open Data This presentation will introduce Semantic MediaWiki's usage on a platform for linked open data in the public sector. Jan Willem van Veen linked data, open data Talk, Presentation
Cargo and Semantic MediaWiki A talk about, and demonstration of, the MediaWiki extension to Cargo, and how it relates to Semantic MediaWiki and the overall SMW ecosystem. Yaron Koren extensions, semantic extensions, live demo Talk, Demo, Presentation external link
Knowledge Management in Research From ISO 9001 Quality Management, over Project Management, to Requirements Engineering Matthias Frank, Nadiouchka8 quality management, project management Talk, Presentation external link
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meeting This is a real life meeting of the group members allowing to get to know each other in person as well as discussion current matters. Chris Koerner, Mark Hershberger MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, third party users, stakeholders Workshop, Discussion
Poster Session Allows a light-weight way to talk about different topics related to Semantic MediaWiki project documentation, project presentation Demo, Presentation, Discussion external link
SMW Demonstration and Interaction Acceptance Testing using Cucumber and Capybara This talk will give an introduction and demonstration of Interaction Acceptance Testing using the tools Cucumber and Capybara Lex Sulzer semantic extensions, content management, frontend testing Demo, Presentation, Technical talk external link
The wiki way – Contributing back to core This talk will explore the Why, How, and When to contribute your code "back to core" (MediaWiki as well as Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions) Mark Hershberger programming, code quality, code collaboration, MediaWiki, semantic extensions Talk, Technical talk, Presentation external link
Current Status and Next Steps for Semantic MediaWiki This talk will provide an overview to what happened during the last year, the current status and the next steps for Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen De Dauw yearly, roadmap, Semantic MediaWiki, contribute Talk external link
What's new in Semantic Forms A recap of recent-ish changes and new features in the Semantic Forms extension. Yaron Koren Semantic Forms, semantic extension Talk, Technical talk external link
Modelling Clinical Pathways This presentation gives an introduction in using Semantic Media Wiki for Modelling Medical Processes in Semantic BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). Tobias Weller data modelling, content management Presentation, Talk, Technical talk external link
Building a Modern Website with Semantic MediaWiki Usage, Skinning, and Microdata as used by the homepage of the International Center for Computational Logic Markus Krötzsch wiki, implementation Talk, Presentation external link
Understanding ontology components This workshop aims to prepare a scenario for a simpleshow explaining the basics on ontology components Ralf Roletschek know how, ontologies, Ontology Workshop
RobWi - A Semantic MediaWiki for Reconfigurable Robot Applications within Industrie 4.0 In this presentation a first prototype of a Semantic MediaWiki solution within a student project for modelling robot components will be described. Nadiouchka8 applications, industry, robotics Talk, Technical talk, Presentation
BlueSpice goes Semantic This session will sketch the current BlueSpice Semantics roadmap. Richard Heigl data modelling, data application, content management, blue spice Talk, Presentation external link
Smart and professional integration of office documents This presentation introduces a smart way of integrating word documents into a Semantic MediaWiki. Wolfgang Fahl semantic extensions, content management, semantic application Technical talk, Demo, Presentation external link
Project Standard Bank in South Africa In this project Semantic MediaWiki is used as the basis for a process portal for the Standard Bank in South Africa. Toine Schijvenaars, Erwin Oord data modelling, content management Talk, Presentation external link
Foreign Language Learning Semantic Way This talk will explore the Why and How Semantic MediaWiki can help a student to learn and a teacher to teach language Brown Natasha, Edlira Dushku wiki, implementation Talk, Presentation external link
What we Know About MediaWiki and Where we're Going As part of the work the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group has taken on I'd like to ask, "What's next for MediaWiki?" Chris Koerner MediaWiki, roadmap, Stakeholder Management, MWStake Talk
Semantic MediaWiki issues triage This workshop aims to triage, fill in blanks and even solve some of the existing issues filed for Semantic MediaWiki Karsten Hoffmeyer, Jeroen De Dauw issue triage, issues, bugs, Semantic MediaWiki, semantic extension Workshop, Hackathon
Community discussion Community discussion about the future of SMW and SMWCon Toni Hermoso Pulido, Cornelia Veja, Alina Mierlus, Markus Krötzsch, Karsten Hoffmeyer Discussion

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