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About me  Silliam Bims is a legal name, acceptable for a variety of official uses, from employment, to banking and debt collection. It is suitable for emails, subscriptions, promotional offers, and all other organizational enterprises needing a semantic target for the biological referent. Silliam Bims worked night shifts at an Amazon warehouse in Troutdale, Oregon for several weeks without pay. While an employee, they excelled in their product picking to such an extent that they were awarded a novelty scratch ticket, redeemable for an unknown value at an Amazon Human Resources counter. The ticket remains unscratched, and was framed and hung upon the wall of the converted school bus where the biological creature currently resides.

As a human organism, I am quite interested in how technologies like SMW will be adapted into organic workflows, including especially the workflows of informal communities seeking self-representation. Through this sort of work, there is great potential for change from the current technological dynamic, where centralized corporations manage and leverage the data of individual users, to one where natural and spontaneous contexts of users can express, share and benefit mutually from their data. Such a change would mean a new understanding of the place of technology in both our societies as well as in our broader natural ecology.

Regarding SMWcon2021, I am curious to learn more about diverse SMW applications and how SMW might interface with emerging technologies like blockchain or IPFS. I am also keen to learn about how SMW and Maps might evolve to express our natural world with greater fidelity; for example by integration with GIS software and formats such as TopoJSON.

Publish?  Yes
Events  SMWCon Fall 2021

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