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Name  Gesinn
First name  Alexander
Job title  Managing Director & Partner at GmbH & Co. KG
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About me  Alexander Gesinn is Managing Director & Partner at GmbH & Co. KG. Before, Alexander Gesinn held various management positions, most recently as the Chief Information Officer of a leading software company.
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Events  SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Fall 2014, SMWCon Fall 2015, SMWCon Fall 2016, SMWCon Fall 2017, SMWCon_Fall_2022

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
The Glossary Jigsaw: Unraveling Overlapping Terms from Diverse SourcesThis talk highlights the effective utilization of Semantic MediaWiki to streamline and harmonize complex glossaries sourced from diverse origins, mitigating the challenges posed by overlapping or identical glossary terms.SMWCon Fall 2023
Hey Wiki!Connecting SMW with a local AI in a ChatGPT like way.SMWCon Fall 2023
ConfIDent - a SMW-powered platform for academic eventsConfIDent makes descriptive metadata on conferences and other formats of scientific events permanently accessible in a high quality through automated processes and scientific data curating.SMWCon Fall 2022
Automating Knowledge Intensive ProcessesIn this talk, we will show how knowledge-intensive business processes can be documented and automated through the symbiosis of SMW and a BPMN-workflow engine.SMWCon Fall 2022
Information Security Management System (ISMS) with Semantic MediaWikiThis talk shows how an ISMS according to ISO/IEC 27001 or BSI IT-Grundschutz can be implemented with Semantic MediaWiki.SMWCon Fall 2020
The Embassy of Good Science - SMW powered portal for research ethics and integrityThe goal of The Embassy of Good Science is to promote research integrity among all those involved in research. The platform is open to anyone willing to learn or support others in fostering understanding and awareness around Good Science.SMWCon Fall 2020
semantic::isms - The Smart ISMS-WikiHow to use Semantic MediaWiki for the regulatory compliant operation of a management system for information security.SMWCon Fall 2019
GDPR: Simplify managing "Data Catalogues" and "Records of Processing Activities"SMWCon Fall 2018
Semantic BPMN - Business Process Management the wiki waySemantic Wiki + BPMN 2.0 Editor: A strong team to establish a culture of continual improvement and sustainable business processes.SMWCon Fall 2018
semantic::core go!Free MediaWiki distribution including Semantic, Visual Editor, Elasticsearch and many more powerful extensions.SMWCon Fall 2017
semantic core - A look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki and an outlook into the futureThis talk will provide a look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki as well as an outlook into the future.SMWCon Fall 2016
Industrial WikiThis presentation provides an introduction to Semantic MediaWiki applications in the industrial environment.SMWCon Fall 2015
SMW as a part of an Industry 4.0 LandscapeThis talk details how SMW can be part of an Industry 4.0 landscape.SMWCon Fall 2014
Interactive Pollutant Mapping Powered by SMWIn many countries, the remediation of in-house pollutants such as PCB and asbestos has come into the focus. We want to show how SMW powered pollutant register and mapping can be used to document measurements, direct remedial actions and inform stakeholders.SMWCon Fall 2014
Semantic Business Process Management - BPM meets SMWIn this talk, I would like to show, how BPM could benefit from semantic technologies through the use of Semantic MediaWiki. successfully implemented numerous Semantic MediaWiki powered BPM projects since 2011. I'd like to share some insights with the community and enterprise users.SMWCon Fall 2013