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Talks by Yaron[edit]

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"Data is data" and the future of data browsingSMWCon Spring 2013"Data is data" and the future of data browsingToward a unified theory of data browsing, and what it means for SMW's browsing functionality, including Semantic Drilldown and others.
Business Process Management (BPM) with MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2019Business Process Management (BPM) with MediaWikiLearn about a planned dedicated extension supporting BPM with MediaWiki
Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensionsSMWCon Fall 2019Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensionsThis talk will cover some of the recent improvements and new features in the Cargo and Page Forms extensions, and show how the two can work closely alongside one another. (Note: this talk can be split up into two if necessary.)
Cargo and Semantic MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2015Cargo and Semantic MediaWikiA talk about, and demonstration of, the MediaWiki extension to Cargo, and how it relates to Semantic MediaWiki and the overall SMW ecosystem.
Cargo and the future of SMWSMWCon Spring 2015Cargo and the future of SMWAn explanation and demonstration of the new Cargo extension, and what it may mean for SMW users and developers.
From graphs to tablesSMWCon Fall 2016From graphs to tablesThe case for storing semantic data in tables instead of, or in addition to, graphs - for SMW/Cargo, Wikidata, and beyond
Introduction to Semantic MediaWikiSMWCon Spring 2015Introduction to Semantic MediaWikiAn overview of the history, theory and implementation of Semantic MediaWiki.
Lightweight data browsing with MigaSMWCon Fall 2013Lightweight data browsing with MigaHow to run and use the Miga Data Viewer, and how it fits into the Semantic MediaWiki ecosystem.
Page ownership in MediaWikiSMWCon Spring 2015Page ownership in MediaWikiA discussion of how users can be allowed to "own" pages, i.e. restrict editing by others, in MediaWiki, and what more can be done.
SMW consultingSMWCon Spring 2013SMW for Fun and ProfitThoughts on the MediaWiki and SMW consulting business.
Semantic BundleSMWCon Spring 2013The extensions of the Semantic Bundle
Semantic Extensions at its bestSMWCon Fall 2016Semantic Extensions at its bestHow to use Semantic Forms, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Compound Queries at best for a good workflow. How to use query forms.
Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missingSMWCon Fall 2013Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missingA listing of recent changes and additions to the Semantic Forms extension, and a discussion of what features should be added.
Semantic MediaWiki: An IntroductionSMWCon Spring 2013MediaWiki, the Semantic Web, and Semantic MediaWiki
So you want to write an SMW extensionSMWCon Spring 2015So you want to write an SMW extensionthoughts on creating and maintaining SMW-based extensions that will be useful to yourself and (hopefully) others, from a semi-technical perspective.
The Other ExtensionsSMWCon Fall 2015The Other ExtensionsThe average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms.
The Other ExtensionsSMWCon Fall 2013The Other ExtensionsThe average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms.
Using the Miga Data ViewerSMWCon Spring 2014Using the Miga Data ViewerA talk and demo for the Miga Data Viewer, including its features, its current usage, and its place within the SMW "ecosystem".
What Semantic Forms won't doSMWCon Spring 2014What Semantic Forms won't doAn overview of the commonly-requested features for Semantic Forms that won't be implemented, at least in the foreseeable future.
What's new in Semantic FormsSMWCon Fall 2015What's new in Semantic FormsA recap of recent-ish changes and new features in the Semantic Forms extension.
WorkshopSMWCon Spring 2013Hands-on sessionLive building of a Semantic MediaWIki: data structure, forms, templates using NYC Open Data
Workshop 2SMWCon Spring 2013Hands-on sessionLive customization of a Semantic MediaWiki: CSS, jQuery, Result formats.

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