SMWCon Fall 2023/Call for Contributions

SMWCon Fall 2023SMWCon Fall 2023/Call for Contributions

Hello (Semantic) MediaWiki maintainers, software developers, consultants, researchers!

Call for Contributions[edit]

We are looking for use cases and best practices that provide insight in issues like

  • How can we use semantic technologies to create smart organizations
  • How do semantic wikis fit in
  • How can we use Semantic MediaWiki in research
  • How do we develop and deploy semantic wiks

Your experience is valuable for all of us! So please share and propose a talk, tutorial or other contribution.

Hit the button below to propose a contribution.

Current proposals[edit]

 DescriptionHas speakerHas talk typeDurationPlanned
AI-supported KM with JuggelOur life is going to be AI assisted.

The talk will be about Juggel, the name of a platform that allows to effectively create and use AI assistants. GPTs in the context of an organization or business.

The demo will show that MediaWiki with Semantic MediaWiki is an excellent basis for powerful AI assistants.
Ad Strack van SchijndelTalk3011 December 2023 15:15:00
Automated Testing for Complex Mediawiki TopologiesAn updated on projects at the Wikimedia Foundation for running end-to-end tests against wikis with multiple extensions and services using Kubernetes and GitLab CI.Stef DunlapTalk30
ClosingBernhard KrabinaTalk1513 December 2023 16:00:00
Codex, the Design System for WikimediaThe Design Systems Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is developing Codex, a new comprehensive design system for the Wikimedia movement. The team recently released version 1.0.0 and would like to share more about when and how to use Codex, and the future of other front-end frameworks within the MediaWiki ecosystem.Chris CiufoLightning talk1513 December 2023 15:30:00
Conference dinnerSession12 December 2023 18:30:00
Digital accessibilityKeeping digital accessibility in mind when developing extensions and writing wikitext to make your wikis easier to navigate and read.Marijn van WezelLightning talk1012 December 2023 13:30:00
Explainable machine learning using knowledge graphs extracted from WikipediaAxel NgongaTalk3011 December 2023 17:00:00
Extension for creating and managing inline commentsIn this talk we present a new extension for creating and managing inline comments, similar to the way comments can be posted in documents in e.g. Microsoft Word. Users can select fragments on a wiki page a post a comment linked to that fragment. Commented fragments will be highlighted and thus be visible to other users, who can display the comment text and post replies.

Comments can be made to static text fragments on a wiki page, but also to images and even to fragments of query results (e.g. words in table cells). The extension can be used with or without SMW. With SMW, comments will be added as semantic properties (subobjects) to the page and can be queried as any other property. Editors (with applicable permission) can manage (display, filter, complete, reopen, delete) comments from a special page.

A demo will be given and we can discuss whether this extension is suitable to be published as open source.
Robin van der WielTalk3012 December 2023 09:45:00
Fixing Wikidata (by viewing it as a series of tables)Thoughts on how to improve Wikidata (and yes, Wikibase) querying and editing.Yaron KorenTalk3013 December 2023 14:45:00
Flexible research documentation with semantic building blocks: The role of SMW in shaping the data strategy of a collaborative research centreExplore the practical application of "Generic Protocols" within Semantic MediaWiki to simplify and standardize research documentation in engineering sciences.Iryna MozgovaTalk1513 December 2023 11:00:00
Hey Wiki!Connecting SMW with a local AI in a ChatGPT like way.Alexander GesinnTalk2011 December 2023 16:30:00
Introducing Extension:WorkflowsIn this talk, I want to introduce the Workflows extension in general and show integrations with Semantic MediaWiki in particular. I will include a demo about how to create custom workflows and give hints about the extensibility of the extension.Robert VogelTalk4512 December 2023 11:00:00
KeynoteGenerative AI and large-language models are the most prominent of many current developments that force us to rethink: not just the implementations and technology stacks used in practice, but also the

whole endeavour of human knowledge management as such.

In this talk, Markus will provide a personal perspective on the origins and principles of semantic wikis, and some of the key challenges that lie ahead in managing knowledge.
Markus KrötzschTalk6011 December 2023 13:15:00
Major changes on interfaces of MediaWiki rdbms libraryWe have overhauled interfaces of the MediaWiki rdbms library for developers to make it more aligned with industry practices, including but not limited to IConnectionProvider, virtual domains, query builders, expression builders and more. This talk goes over the changes, the reasoning and how to adopt the new interfaces.Amir SarabadaniTalk3012 December 2023 16:30:00
Making your wiki Parsoid-compatible using ArrayFunctions and LuaA hands-on hackathon/workshop where you learn to make your wiki Parsoid-compatible using ArrayFunctions and Lua.Marijn van WezelHackathon7512 December 2023 14:30:00
Management of Process Requirements with Semantic MediaWiki: experience in software engineering industry.The presentation discusses the use of Semantic MediaWiki to manage process requirements in the context of a software development company. The use of SMW allows the easy integration of process requirements defined in different software engineering standards within a Process Reference Model (PRM) based on the tailoring of the ECSS standards for VSEs (Very Small Entities) developed by different entities (ESA, CNES, DLR, JAXA, etc.)Ricardo EITO-BRUNTalk2013 December 2023 10:30:00
Natural Language Queries to Wikidata: A Naïve PrototypeIn this lightning talk, we'll delve into a prototype I've been tinkering with, which is all about enabling more intuitive interactions with Wikidata through natural language queries.Robert TimmLightning talk1513 December 2023 14:30:00
Natural language interaction with a wikiBenefits, patterns and pitfalls of a new interaction paradigmMarkus GlaserTalk4511 December 2023 14:15:00
Open CSP 2.0Last year at SMWCon 2022 Open CSP was launched. Today we present version 2.0.

Open CSP turns your SMW MediaWiki instalment into an enterprise ready Workspace. Out-of-the-box it is a perfect Knowledge base and you can use it as a base to create any Enterprise tool, like an ISMS, PM, CSM, CRM, etc..

In this talk we will show a clean and new install of Open CSP and how to get started.
Charlot Cobben
Liselot Roelen
Talk4513 December 2023 09:30:00
Powerful and popular extensionsA lightning talk about extensions that are popular with our customers, and might be interesting to others as well.Marijn van WezelLightning talk1512 December 2023 14:00:00
Realtime synchronisation between a git-based repository of architecture models and SMWIn this talk we present a mechanism for real-time synchronisation of architecture models stored in a git-based repository to a SMW instance. In this solution, Git is used as version management enabled storage of architecture models created in a modelling tool. SMW is used as a platform for publishing and sharing this architecture knowledge. SMW is updated with every commit/push in the repository. The synchronisation mechanism is generic and its architecture is designed in such a way that it can be easily extended for use with other sources that should synchronise to SMW.Erwin Oord
Robin van der Wiel
Talk3013 December 2023 13:45:00
SMW Community & SurveyThe talk will give a brief overview of the SMW Community and results from the community survey.Bernhard KrabinaTalk2012 December 2023 09:15:00
Small but useful MediaWiki extensionsQuick introduction of some small extensions the BlueSpice team has created in the last yearRobert VogelLightning talk1513 December 2023 09:15:00
State of Canasta, Fall 2023Canasta updates for the second half of 2023.Jeffrey WangTalk3012 December 2023 13:00:00
Tasks & MentionsThis talk will present how it's possible to create tasks, to assign them to someone, add due dates and how they can be controlled in a wiki. Therefore the extensions AtMentions, Checklists, DateTimeTools and SimpleTasks will be presented. There will be a demo and a presentation of the implementation, addressing challenges and new insights gained with it.Miriam SchlindweinTalk3013 December 2023 13:00:00
The Glossary Jigsaw: Unraveling Overlapping Terms from Diverse SourcesThis talk highlights the effective utilization of Semantic MediaWiki to streamline and harmonize complex glossaries sourced from diverse origins, mitigating the challenges posed by overlapping or identical glossary terms.Alexander GesinnTalk2012 December 2023 10:30:00
The Wikipedia ChatGPT pluginTalk about the lessons learned from the plugin, and on thoughts and vision for AI opportunities/capabilities.Mike PhamTalk2011 December 2023 16:00:00
TutorialsTutorials provide hands-on guidance for specific topics.Session120
Updates from OpenSemanticLabSince last year we rewrite OpenSemanticLab to be based completely on industry standards JSON-SCHEMA and JSON-LD. This allows to build new applications in no time and without any wiki templates and enables easy integration with any third party software. We also added experimental support to trigger external Python workflows through REST APIs and LocalGPT Q&A + search assistance.Simon StierTalk3013 December 2023 11:15:00
Updates from the Wikitext Parsing worldYearly update from the Wikimedia Foundation Content Transform Team on current and upcoming changes to wikitext and to related core APIs.C.Scott Ananian and Subbu Sastry, Content Transform Team, WMFTalk
3012 December 2023 16:00:00
WelcomeBernhard KrabinaTalk1511 December 2023 13:00:00