SMWCon Fall 2023/Call for Contributions

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SMWCon Fall 2023SMWCon Fall 2023/Call for Contributions

Hello (Semantic) MediaWiki maintainers, software developers, consultants, researchers!

Call for Contributions[edit]

We are looking for use cases and best practices that provide insight in issues like

  • How can we use semantic technologies to create smart organizations
  • How do semantic wikis fit in
  • How can we use Semantic MediaWiki in research
  • How do we develop and deploy semantic wiks

Your experience is valuable for all of us! So please share and propose a talk, tutorial or other contribution.

Hit the button below to propose a contribution.

Current proposals[edit]

 DescriptionHas talk typeDurationPlanned
Management of Process Requirements with Semantic MediaWiki: experience in software engineering industry.The presentation discusses the use of Semantic MediaWiki to manage process requirements in the context of a software development company. The use of SMW allows the easy integration of process requirements defined in different software engineering standards within a Process Reference Model (PRM) based on the tailoring of the ECSS standards for VSEs (Very Small Entities) developed by different entities (ESA, CNES, DLR, JAXA, etc.)20
The Glossary Jigsaw: Unraveling Overlapping Terms from Diverse SourcesThis talk highlights the effective utilization of Semantic MediaWiki to streamline and harmonize complex glossaries sourced from diverse origins, mitigating the challenges posed by overlapping or identical glossary terms.Talk20