Robin van der Wiel

Name  van der Wiel
First name  Robin
Job title  Consultant at ArchiXL
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  • Consultant and developer at ArchiXL
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Events  SMWCon Fall 2022, SMWCon Fall 2023

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Realtime synchronisation between a git-based repository of architecture models and SMWIn this talk we present a mechanism for real-time synchronisation of architecture models stored in a git-based repository to a SMW instance. In this solution, Git is used as version management enabled storage of architecture models created in a modelling tool. SMW is used as a platform for publishing and sharing this architecture knowledge. SMW is updated with every commit/push in the repository. The synchronisation mechanism is generic and its architecture is designed in such a way that it can be easily extended for use with other sources that should synchronise to SMW.SMWCon Fall 2023
Extension for creating and managing inline commentsIn this talk we present a new extension for creating and managing inline comments, similar to the way comments can be posted in documents in e.g. Microsoft Word. Users can select fragments on a wiki page a post a comment linked to that fragment. Commented fragments will be highlighted and thus be visible to other users, who can display the comment text and post replies.

Comments can be made to static text fragments on a wiki page, but also to images and even to fragments of query results (e.g. words in table cells). The extension can be used with or without SMW. With SMW, comments will be added as semantic properties (subobjects) to the page and can be queried as any other property. Editors (with applicable permission) can manage (display, filter, complete, reopen, delete) comments from a special page.

A demo will be given and we can discuss whether this extension is suitable to be published as open source.
SMWCon Fall 2023