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Simon Stier(SimonTaurus)
Computer and Material Scientist, Independent Software Developer and Head of Digital Transformation @ Fraunhofer ISC

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Simon Stier

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Events  SMWCon Fall 2022

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Updates from OpenSemanticLabSince last year we rewrite OpenSemanticLab to be based completely on industry standards JSON-SCHEMA and JSON-LD. This allows to build new applications in no time and without any wiki templates and enables easy integration with any third party software. We also added experimental support to trigger external Python workflows through REST APIs and LocalGPT Q&A + search assistance.SMWCon Fall 2023
OpenSemanticLab - SMW for Science and R&DOpen Semantic Lab is a SMW-based holistic web platform that can capture all data and ideas and link them precisely (semantically/ontology-based) - no matter if it' s inventory (LIMS), lab notes (ELN), procedures (SOPs) or research (KB). Each piece of information can also be machine-read, blockchain-signed and written to automatically transfer (Lab 4.0) and analyze (AI) measurement data. As an open system, Open Semantic Lab can be easily adapted with little to none programming knowledge without losing the uniform structure. In this way, we can contribute to everyone's knowledge individually and yet in a standardized way.SMWCon Fall 2022