A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2016

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SMWCon Fall 2016A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2016

Warning: Display title "A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2016" overrides earlier display title "A list of contributions to Semantic MediaWiki Con Fall 2016". At total of 37 contributions are planned to be contributed or were contributed to SMWCon Fall 2016:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
The power of automatic visualization Visualization of Semantic MediaWiki data with Mermaid in the wiki. This tutorial aims at advanced administrators. Lex Tutorial
Application prototyping with SMW and BlueSpice Mglaser Talk
SMW Organization Pattern "Three-Ontologies-Method" Lex Talk
ArchiMedes™ architecture publishing platform ArchiMedes™ is a turn-key platform for publishing architecture models and views that you have created with existing modeling tools such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, BiZZdesign Architect, Archi or any other modeling tool that supports the ArchiMate Exchange File Format form The Open Group. Tschijv Talk, Technical talk, Demo
Experiences with SMW as event management platform Alina.mierlus use case Lightning talk
Batch import of large RDF datasets using RDFIO or the new rdf2smw tool The talk will present the status of the RDFIO extension, as well as recent work on an alternative approach for RDF import with the rdf2smw tool. Samuel Lampa Talk, Technical talk, Demo
Create custom Semantic Extra Special Properties fast with BlueSpiceSMWConnector UserːLjonka Lightning talk
Data Management with SMW - Integrating Big Spatio-Temporal Data We introduce our approach for integrating big spatio-temporal data using collaborative semantic data management. MFrank Smart Web Services, linked APIs, data integration, semantic data management Talk
Overview and introduction to new semantic extensions This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to the semantic extensions of the SMWProject which were introduced in 2016 and aim to present SMW as solution for different use cases. Kghbln semantic extensions, content management Demo, Presentation
Use case "Kallimachos" – SMW as tool for text annotation and edition of medieval books in ehumanities The University Library Würzburg uses Semantic MediaWiki as a tool in an OCR and publishing workflow. M-art-in ehumanities, use case, ocr Lightning talk
eHumanities workshop – Part 2 eHumanities workshop: Semantic MediaWiki in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research LiaVeja Workshop
Semantic MediaWiki and the case of CODECS: mapping and mining sources for Celtic studies Dennis Groenewegen Lightning talk
An introduction to some useful extensions in the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki This presentation will provide an overview and introduction to extensions I have created which may be useful in the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. Fannon semantic extensions, content management Presentation, Lightning talk
Insights into a complex project to deploy SMW in a productive environment Daniel Hansch Talk
Take the time to go fast A good setup for a Semantic MediaWiki including backups, updating and upgrades, migration and Virtual Machines. Get it running in no time and focus on content. Lex Workshop, Tutorial, Presentation
Using Semantic MediaWiki for managing quizzes for knowledge examination and evaluation WolfgangFahl semantic web, MediaWiki, education Talk
Semantic MediaWiki for programming and teaching context-aware Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) agents This talk presents how Semantic MediaWiki can be used to program a software-agent for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). Nmerkle SPARQL, AAL, SWRL, SPIN Talk
Mapping data to pages using an upload tool for MS-Excel files This lightning talk introduces you to a tool allowing to upload data stored in an MS-Excel file into templates on wiki pages. Tobias Weller data exchange, file upload, data import Talk, Technical talk, Lightning talk, Demo
semantic core - A look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki and an outlook on the future This talk will provide a look back into seven years of Enterprise Class MediaWiki as well as an outlook into the future. Planetenxin Enterprise Knowledge Management, data management Talk
Semantic MediaWiki and Open Scholarly Communication Prof. Dr. Sören Auer from Fraunhofer Institute Bonn will hold this year's keynote. Prof. Dr. Sören Auer Keynote
Contributing code to (Semantic) MediaWiki by using the wiki for code editing This talk will provide an insight into contributing code to (Semantic) MediaWiki and extensions by editing wiki pages containing the code information. MarkAHershberger semantic extensions, extensions, programming, MediaWiki Demo, Presentation, Talk, Technical talk
eHumanities workshop – Part 1 eHumanities workshop: Semantic MediaWiki in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research LiaVeja Workshop
Current Status and Next Steps for Semantic MediaWiki This talk will provide an overview to what happened during the last year, the current status and the next steps for Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen De Dauw, Kghbln yearly, roadmap, Semantic MediaWiki, contribute Talk
Semantic MediaWiki and Open Data – the Vienna History Wiki and the OGD Cockpit The talk will feature the Vienna History Wiki ("Wien Geschichte Wiki"), a government platform on Vienna's city history. Krabina Bernhard open government, open data, open knowledge Talk
Welcome & Opening Marc Rittberger, LiaVeja Presentation
Semantic MediaWiki as a platform for lab management and biological annotation The talk will feature some use cases of Semantic MediaWiki framework in laboratory environments and biological annotation projects. Toniher bioinformatics Talk
Semantic MediaWiki for Assessment in Education Lloyd Rutledge wikidata, wikibase extension, content management Talk
From graphs to tables The case for storing semantic data in tables instead of, or in addition to, graphs - for SMW/Cargo, Wikidata, and beyond Yaron Koren Wikidata, Cargo, templates Talk
Semantic MediaWiki in Humanities and Educational Research Christoph Schindler Lightning talk
Semantic OLAP: Using OLAP Functionality to Analyse Semantic MediaWiki Data SemanticOLAP allows to perform OLAP functionality on SMW data in the Semantic MediaWiki Tobias Weller Talk, Technical talk, Demo
Graphical User Interface for Semantic MediaWiki - Product data management at a paper machine This talk will provide an insight into product data management via a graphical user interface using Semantic MediaWiki. Robert Radke skin, graphical user interface, data management Talk
The Kadaster Innovation Funnel We present the concept, implementation and use of the Kadaster Innovation Funnel, which has been realized using a combination of Semantic MediaWiki, linked data, and Linked Data Theatre visualization. Ton van der Zwet, Rcdeboer innovation, linked data, SMW, visualization Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
A Generic Approach for Completing PDF-Forms with Data from Semantic MediaWiki We introduce our approach for completing any PDF-form with data from Semantic MediaWiki. This is especially useful for repeating administrative requests which can't be done online as it is still the case in many established processes. MFrank, Thimo Britsch PDF, Result Format Talk
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group Meeting The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is meeting in real life at the conference. Join in, if you are interested in their actions and forthcomings. Get to know each other in person as well as discuss current matters. MarkAHershberger Discussion
4 years of Wikidata - where we are, what we learned and what's coming next This presentation will provide an insight into the past four years of Wikidata and the upcoming future. Lydia Pintscher wikidata, wikibase extension, content management Presentation
Poster session Projects and ideas on posters! Various topics presented in a light-weight way during a prolonged coffee break. Community Demo, Presentation