A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2013

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SMWCon Fall 2013A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2013

At total of 42 contributions are planned to be contributed or were contributed to SMWCon Fall 2013:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Implementing Enterprise Knowledge Base In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate how to implement enterprise knowledge base using SMW. Yury Kupriyanov Talk, Technical talk, Presentation, Regular talk external link
Challenges with Annotating Liver Patient Data for Cognition-Guided Surgery We describe preliminary insights about annotating liver patient data in a research project on cognition-guided surgery. Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Adler, Patrick Philipp surgery, annotation, semantic forms, excel Talk external link
NYCpedia - from raw open data to actionable open knowledge using SMW How SMW was used to create a knowledgebase from NYC's municipal open data Joel Natividad open data, open knowledge, geospatial Talk external link
OWL Wiki Forms (OWF): A Style Language that Generates Wikis from Semantic Web Ontologies A description of the semantic wiki style langauge OWF and how to use it to efficiently start up browse and form-based annotation wikis for given ontologies. Lloyd Rutledge Style language, Semantic Web, OWL, RDFS, Semantic Forms, Fresnel Talk external link
SMW for business Talk on using SMW as a working environment for small companies, covering processes from CRM to invoicing. Ad Strack van Schijndel Talk external link
The Other Extensions The average SMW-based wiki has a bunch of other extensions installed, semantic and otherwise, and this tutorial covers some of them, with a special focus on Semantic Forms. Yaron Koren Tutorial
Potential analysis for hydro power using Semantic MediaWiki A short talk about how Semantic MediaWiki can be used for hydrological analysis Robert Ulrich Hydrology, Sparql, Scribunto Talk external link
SMW in the Public Sector - lessons learned and future requirements KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research has been using SMW in different use cases in the public sector since version 0.9. The talk will showcase some projects and derive lessons learned as well as analyze future requirements to improve usage and uptake of SMW in the public sector. Bernhard Krabina Public Sector Talk external link
Introduction to MediaWiki extensions creation An introduction to how to develop basic MediaWiki extensions. We will show how to create your own extensions to increase the possibilities of your wiki. Toni Hermoso Pulido mediawiki, extension, jquery Tutorial
SMW development workshop Jeroen De Dauw mediawiki Workshop
Hands-on session 3. Wikidata programming A tutorial showing you how to use Wikidata to enrich data in your wiki Daniel Kinzler, Tobias Gritschacher MediaWiki, Wikidata, API Tutorial
Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopedias Our team has created more than 50 semantic encyclopedias since 2006 to build enterprise knowledge at MITRE and customer sites. We will share our social and organizational lessons learned. Bernadette Clemente, Cindy Cicalese Talk, Technical talk external link
Semantic Business Process Management - BPM meets SMW In this talk, I would like to show, how BPM could benefit from semantic technologies through the use of Semantic MediaWiki. gesinn.it successfully implemented numerous Semantic MediaWiki powered BPM projects since 2011. I'd like to share some insights with the community and enterprise users. Alexander Gesinn Business Process Management, BPM, Collaborative, Social, Agile Talk external link
Modeling projects in SMW In this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate how to implement projects using SMW. Yury Kupriyanov Tutorial
Potential analysis for hydro power using Semantic MediaWiki A short talk about how Semantic MediaWiki can be used for hydrological analysis Robert Ulrich Hydrology, Sparql, Scribunto Talk external link
Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi The talk will be about the work that we have done and still currently doing to develop a theoretical and practical framework that supports the integrated model of processes and ontology, consisting in the creation of a single integrated model in which both aspects are formally represented. Mauro Dragoni SMW, Business Process Management, Decision Making, data integration Talk, Regular talk external link
Breaking News Detection with Wikidata and Wikipedia This talk informs about the work of incorporating Wikidata in "Wikipedia Live Monitor" tool. Thomas Steiner breaking news detection, wikidata, wikipedia Talk external link
Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missing A listing of recent changes and additions to the Semantic Forms extension, and a discussion of what features should be added. Yaron Koren, Himeshi De Silva Semantic Forms, roadmap, VisualEditor, Scribunto Talk external link
Lightweight data browsing with Miga How to run and use the Miga Data Viewer, and how it fits into the Semantic MediaWiki ecosystem. Yaron Koren Mobile, Semantic Drilldown Talk, Demo external link
Improving dependency management and easing upgrades A look at the improvements being made to MediaWiki that will benefit you Markus Glaser Talk external link
Hands-on session. Programming a MediaWiki extension We will put to test what we learnt in previous sessions and we will code some extensions Toni Hermoso Pulido mediawiki, extension, jquery Workshop
Revolutionizing page naming with semantic properties Quite often, we find it helpful to have the actual name of a page from the perspective of MediaWiki to be an automatically-generated static page id, while allowing a semantic property to indicate a name that would be meaningful to a user. This creates complications, including how to select a page in a field of a semantic form. To support this alternative approach to page naming, we have used a modified version of the SemanticTitle extension as well as several extensions to SemanticForms that we have custom developed and are in the process of submitting to the open source community. Bernadette Clemente, Cindy Cicalese Talk, Technical talk external link
Developing professional standards with SMW A professional standard is a document that describes the skills and responsibilities relating to a professional's position. In this talk we describe how a community can collaboratively write a professional standard using Semantic MediaWiki. Yury Kaktov professional standards, crowdsourcing, groupsourcing, documents, microsoft word, ranking, voting, subobjects Talk external link
An Analysis of Semantic Wiki Communities: Why Are They Embracing Properties and Not Concepts? This talk describes the analysis of the behaviors of semantic wiki communities and suggests improving the ability of a wiki community to contribute. Yolanda Gil semantic wiki communities, properties, concepts Talk external link
Semantic MediaWiki and Neuroscience Data - A Blue Brain Perspectiv Presents "DataSpace/LabSpace/KnowledgeSpace" a tool that allows to integrate existing data and knowledge on a global level. Martin Telefont data integration, tool Talk, Demo external link
Role-based Access Control in SMW Wojtek Breiter Access Control, Security Talk external link
Building on top of SMW An introduction to SMW development Jeroen De Dauw mediawiki Presentation
Semantic Time Traveling: Tagging and Branching Knowledge with SMW (a vision) In this talk, I would like to explore with the audience the possibilities to 'travel through time' in Semantic MediaWiki, borrowing concepts and ideas from version control systems. Remco de Boer Talk external link
SmartCore™ – Managing SMW content structure for dummies Creating and maintaining the content structure of your wiki with forms and templates is cumbersome since wiki code is not very user friendly. With SmartCore you manage content structure as plain content. Erwin Oord Content structuring, knowledge model management Talk external link
The User's Perspective: Customer and Contact Management with Semantic MediaWiki Lessons Learnt and Development Perspectives Michael Scherm CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Management Talk
BlueForge Feature Matrix: Wikidata - An experience report This talk covers the experience made with Wikidata by "Hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH". It's about why we chose it and what were the difficulties we had to deal with. Markus Glaser, Robert Vogel Wikidata, BlueForge, API Talk, Technical talk external link
Current status and next steps for SMW The yearly "what has happened and what are we currently working on" talk Jeroen De Dauw yearly, roadmap Talk external link
Organic Data Science: Opening Scientific Data Curation This keynote describes how an organic data science approach can benefit Semantic MediaWiki projects for social knowledge collection, particularly those focusing on big data integration and analysis. Yolanda Gil keynote, semantic data Keynote external link
Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki We will describe some uses of wikis in education and research and then discusses how Semantic Mediawiki (SMW) extensions could enhance the user experience in educational and research wikis. We will draw on our own experience with EduTechwiki and related sister sites and on a short literature review. We shall focus on education, but include enhancements to informal research wikis, since sometimes the two are combined. We finally raise a few practical issues with respect to learning SMW technology. Daniel K. Schneider semantic mediawiki, semantic forms, education, research Talk external link
Community discussion Traditional SMWCon feedback session for all participants Markus Krötzsch Discussion
State of Wikidata A quick look at what Wikidata has achieved so far and where it is going Lydia Pintscher Wikidata Talk external link
Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise architechture In this tutorial the participants will learn how semantic wikis can be used to manage architectural knowledge. Toine Schijvenaars Tutorial
Using the Wikidata API An introduction to the Wikidata API Daniel Kinzler, Tobias Gritschacher MediaWiki, Wikidata, API Tutorial
DBpedia Mappings wiki DBpedia mappings wiki is an open wiki where poeple can map wikipedia infoboxes to the DBpedia ontology Anja Jenztsch linked data, dbpedia Talk external link
SMW in Technical Documentation We would like to give a short introduction to established methods in technical writing and typical features of content management systems. Then talk about SMW as tool for writing and accessing documentation. Jonas Wäckerle, Mark Schubert structured authoring, DITA, technical writing Talk external link
Effective metadata management of sensor networks using SMW Towards a collaborative metadata management system for sensor networks using SMW. Steps taken and lessons learned Jan Willem Noteboom sensor networks metadata meteo Talk external link
Introduction to (Semantic) MediaWiki This tutorial is for the absolute beginners. It introduces the (Semantic) MediaWiki platform for collaborative content management, starting from basic page creation and climbing the complexity ladder to advanced semantic annotations and queries. Michael Erdmann MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki Tutorial

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