A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2018

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SMWCon Fall 2018A list of contributions to SMWCon Fall 2018

At total of 40 contributions are planned to be contributed or were contributed to SMWCon Fall 2018:

Title Description Contributor Keywords Type Video
Running an SMW-based integrated management system in highly regulated environments Presentation of our SMW-based integrated management system, some functionalities, some experience from use, some future plans Franz Borrmann integrated management system Regular talk, Demo, Presentation
SimpleGraph Semantic Media Wiki Module How Semantic Media Wiki integrates with multiple other systems via Apache TinkerPop/Gremlin Wolfgang Fahl API, Integration, Query Technical talk
Use SMW to cohere business knowledge scattered across information sources — and integrate on search You don't add 1000 PDFs to SMW — you include them in search results Lex Sulzer Search, Federation, Semantics Technical talk, Workshop
Semantic Organization – Supporting Self-Management in Organizations How SMW can help businesses and other types of organizations to strengthen collaboration providing a reliable and transparent infrastructure Tobias Haider Self-Management Talk, Demo
Benefits of running MediaWiki in a pertinent dockerized setup You buy a dishwasher — not 1000 parts and a screwdriver Lex Sulzer Docker, Containers, Clone, Upgrade, Develop Technical talk, Workshop
What's new in Semantic MediaWiki 3.0 New features in Semantic MediaWiki 3.0 and how you can contribute Karsten Hoffmeyer Semantic MediaWiki Talk, Presentation
From "Word" to Wiki - Quality Management at Handelslehranstalt Hameln Bernd Strahler QMS, quality management, quality management system Regular talk
Data Cockpit - SMW as GDPR compliance tool How SMW can be used to fulfill documentation requirements posed on organizations by the General Data Protection Regulation Bernhard Krabina GDPR, Business Demo, Presentation
Semantic MediaWiki Overview An overview of SMW and how it can turn your data into knowledge. Ben Fletcher mediawiki, semantic mediawiki Talk external link
About MediaWiki evolution - notes about the recent Wikimedia Technical Conference Notes about the recent Wikimedia Technical Conference Karsten Hoffmeyer MediaWiki Talk
Dokit: a platform to create step-by-step instructions powered by SMW Introduction to the main features of the platform and some business use-cases Clément Flipo Business, Business Process Management, Community, comment, UX, Page forms, VE Talk, Demo
How to store and structure knowledge on a SMW — here's the framework You furnish your empty apartment — for things in it should be accessible and practical Lex Sulzer Ontology, Forms, EPPO Technical talk, Workshop
Chameleon 2 Skin New features / wishes for the forthcoming next release. Stephan Gambke Skin, Bootstrap Technical talk
Datetimepicker2 JavaScript based Page Forms input type, that provides users with the ability to pick date, time and timezone in one go. Sebastian Schmid Forms, Input Type Lightning talk
Implementation and Application of an interface between project planning software and SMW based documentation This talk shows how a coupling between project management software and SMW based documentation has been established and how it is used in real projects for project controling and reporting/documentation Maarten Becker Technical talk, Presentation
GDPR: Simplify managing "Data Catalogue" and "Records of Processing Activities" Alexander Gesinn GDPR, DSGVO, General Data Protection Regulation Talk
WSForm A forms extension Viktor Schelling forms, editing, extension Talk
How human perception and classification influence semantic knowledge, and vice versa The classification and recognition of common things such as colors and sounds are relative and often arbitrary. In this talk, the role of human perception is explored in relation to the creation of knowledge systems such as Semantic MediaWiki. Marc van Hoof perception, classification, knowledge, Sapir-whorf hypothesis Talk
Semantic MediaWiki, Zero to Hero This talk is aimed at those who are new to using Semantic MediaWiki or those who think it might be the solution to their requirements. Ben Fletcher Tutorial
Meet & Greet / Hackathon Meet & Greet developers and users, discuss forthcoming projects, hackathon Hackathon
SRF Mermaid: Gantt Charts from Semantic Data A new Result Format to render Gantt charts Sebastian Schmid Semantic Result Format Lightning talk
How to successfully lose readers Content Design in the wiki – idea on how to improve text-heavy pages Sabine Melnicki content structuring, context management Lightning talk
Housing for people with disabilities How SMW is a strong basis for an innovative website that matches people with disabilities to special housing opportunities. Ad Strack van Schijndel implementation, showcase Talk
Conference Exhibition Products, Projects, Posters and Live-Demos Demo
Keynote: Sustainable technical documentation How the Thomas Krenn Wiki became an indispensable self-service capacity for information seekers inside and outside the company Werner Fischer MediaWiki, Technical Documentation, Sustainablity Keynote external link
Semantic BPMN - Business Process Management the wiki way Semantic Wiki + BPMN 2.0 Editor: A strong team to establish a culture of continual improvement and sustainable business processes. Alexander Gesinn BPMN, Business Process Management, Quality Management Talk
A Citizen Science Approach for a SMW-based eHumanities Project Use of open educational resources (OER) for Citizen Science Cornelia Veja, Julian Hocker citizen science, SMW, Digital Humanities, OER Talk

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