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SMWCon Fall 2012Q4240711626 October 201224 October 2012
SMWCon Spring 2012Q4240712727 April 201225 April 2012


""Data is data" and the future of data browsing" " Hackathon" "1,2,3 in 6 minutes" "10 years Vienna History Wiki" "1st SMW webinar for developers" "4 wikis in health care" "A Citizen Science Approach for a SMW-based eHumanities Project" "A Generic Approach for Completing PDF-Forms with Data from Semantic MediaWiki" "A MediaWiki Consortium: What we're doing and how you can get involved" "A MediaWiki based open source content services platform" "A MediaWiki news channel!" "A Resource To Support Multilingual Legal Literacy" "A SMW referatory for qualitative Research Software, Workflows and Projects" "A Smart Guide to Preferred Formats" "A beginner's guide to using Semantic Mediawiki" "AI-supported KM with Juggel" "About MediaWiki evolution - information from the recent Wikimedia Technical Conference" "Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki" "Ambitious internet business with SMW" "An Analysis of Semantic Wiki Communities: Why Are They Embracing Properties and Not Concepts?" "An Interactive Knowledge Sharing platform for Scientific Organization and Research Activities Management" "An Open CSP community" "An introduction to some useful extensions in the context of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki" "Application prototyping with Semantic MediaWiki and BlueSpice" "Approved Revs v1.0 with Semantic Approvers" "ArchE" "ArchiMedes™ architecture publishing platform" "Architectural knowledge management with SMW" "Automated Testing for Complex Mediawiki Topologies" "Automating Knowledge Intensive Processes" "Automating SMW install and data loading" "Backend infrastructure experience exchange e.g. SqlStore, Elasticsearch, Blazegraph, Virtuoso, Jena" "Batch import of large RDF datasets using RDFIO or the new rdf2smw tool" "Benefits of running MediaWiki in a pertinent dockerized setup" "Best practices for creating extensions using BoilerPlate and Example" "Beyond Semantic" "BlueForge Feature Matrix: WikiData - An experience report" "BlueSpice" "BlueSpice goes Semantic" "Brain-Inspired Expertise Management" "Break" "Break-outs with discussion and feedback" "Break2" "Break3" "Breaking News Detection with Wikidata and Wikipedia" "Breakout Session" "Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopedias" "Building on top of SMW" "Business Process Management (BPM) with MediaWiki" "Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensions... further results