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SMWCon Fall 2022SMWCon Fall 2022/Call for Contributions

Hello (Semantic) MediaWiki maintainers, software developers, consultants, researchers!

Call for Contributions[edit]

We are looking for use cases and best practices that provide insight in issues like

  • How can we use semantic technologies to create smart organizations
  • How do semantic wikis fit in
  • How can we use Semantic MediaWiki in research
  • How do we develop and deploy semantic wiks

Your experience is valuable for all of us! So please share and propose a talk, tutorial or other contribution.

Hit the button below to propose a contribution.

Current proposals[edit]

 DescriptionHas talk typeDurationPlanned
An Open CSP communityDiscussion
In session
3027 October 2022 14:45:00
Automating Knowledge Intensive ProcessesIn this talk, we will show how knowledge-intensive business processes can be documented and automated through the symbiosis of SMW and a BPMN-workflow engine.Talk3027 October 2022 12:00:00
Break-outs with discussion and feedbackDiscussion
In session
27 October 2022 15:45:00
Closing1528 October 2022 14:30:00
Coffee breakBreak1527 October 2022 11:00:00
Coffee break FridayBreak1528 October 2022 11:00:00
ConfIDent - a SMW-powered platform for academic eventsConfIDent makes descriptive metadata on conferences and other formats of scientific events permanently accessible in a high quality through automated processes and scientific data curating.Talk3027 October 2022 10:00:00
Conference dinnerThe conference dinner is at Humphreys ( October 2022 18:30:00
Datafication of juridical texts in real estateIn the datafication of juridical texts in real estate we combine a complete round-trip set of semantic web technogies. We built a skos-based taxonomy to organize the knowledge we derive from the text models and translate that knowledge into an ontology. The result is an rdf-a document that contains all the relevant data that conforms to the ontology and is self-explaining by the taxonomy.Talk
In session
4528 October 2022 10:15:00
FlexForm and PageSync updateFlexForm is the forms extension that is part of Open CSP. This is a short tutorial about things that are new or have changed.Tutorial
In session
2026 October 2022 10:15:00
HackathonDuring the hackathon developers will try to solve some issues that have been brought up.Session13528 October 2022 14:45:00
Introduction of WikiGuardWikiGuard is an extension that implements policy based access control for wikis. In this talk WikiGuard will be explained and demonstrated. The purpose of the talk is to have a first step towards a good access control system for wikis.Talk3026 October 2022 15:00:00
KeynoteSelena Deckelmann is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation. She will discuss her role and what she sees in the future for MediaWiki and other Wikimedia software.Talk4526 October 2022 17:45:00
Linked Data with SMWThe next SMW release will include and other vocabularies ready for re-use. The tutorial will cover aspects of linking to external data sources, re-using external vocabularies, and providing identifiers to be used to link to your own wiki.Tutorial
In session
2026 October 2022 12:00:00
Lunch breakBreak6026 October 2022 12:30:00
Lunch break FridayBreak6028 October 2022 12:30:00
Lunch break ThursdayBreak6027 October 2022 12:30:00
MWStake Community ServicesOur project "MWStake Community Services" pursues the goal of providing coherent, consistent, relevant and up-to-date information, tools and services for third-party MediaWiki users.Talk
6028 October 2022 13:30:00
MediaWiki 1.39 LTS is comingTalk3026 October 2022 16:45:00
Open CSPSession about Open CSP. Hosted by Jeroen Blijsie. This session will consist of presentations, a demonstration and discussion in break-outs. The details of this session will be explained at the start by our facilitator.Session21027 October 2022 13:30:00
Open CSP demoDemo of Open CSPTalk
In session
27 October 2022 14:45:00
Open CSP launchOpen CSP is the open source framework that turns the MediaWiki platform into a powerful Enterprise ready workspace. This talk is about Open CSP and the launch of Open CSP as it becomes available today.Talk
In session
3027 October 2022 13:45:00
OpenSemanticLab - SMW for Science and R&DOpen Semantic Lab is a SMW-based holistic web platform that can capture all data and ideas and link them precisely (semantically/ontology-based) - no matter if it' s inventory (LIMS), lab notes (ELN), procedures (SOPs) or research (KB). Each piece of information can also be machine-read, blockchain-signed and written to automatically transfer (Lab 4.0) and analyze (AI) measurement data. As an open system, Open Semantic Lab can be easily adapted with little to none programming knowledge without losing the uniform structure. In this way, we can contribute to everyone's knowledge individually and yet in a standardized way.Talk3027 October 2022 10:30:00
Publishing architecture models as linked data with SMWThis presentation explains how to publish architecture models created with the ArchiMate open standard for enterprise architecture modelling as truly reusable linked data using SMW and open vocabularies. ArchiMate is an open standard for modelling enterprise information architecture. In a previous SMWCon we have presented an extension for importing ArchiMate models into SMW, with every architecture element and relation represented by a wiki page. In this presentation we explain how we can publish this architecture knowledge to a linked data repository. One of the key aspects of publishing linked data is to align the data with one or more public vocabularies to make it truly reusable.Talk
In session
3028 October 2022 11:30:00
ReplicationWiki - Massive expansion & use for webinarThe ReplicationWiki is undergoing a massive expansion and for the first time is used as a forum for a webinar series. The use case and experience with technical tools and challenges are presented.Talk
3027 October 2022 11:30:00
SMW + Canasta and the State of CanastaHow Canasta + SMW work together. The latest updates from the Canasta Project. Information on future development of Canasta.Talk6026 October 2022 13:30:00
SMW and linked data for federation of government standards and architectureDutch guideliness and knowledge about Enterprise Architecture as well as use of standards is disseminated in distinct sectors with their own SMW. Using linked data, we facilitate sectors to make use of national information.Talk
In session
4028 October 2022 11:15:00
SMW en linked dataSession12028 October 2022 10:00:00
Search form improvementsThe standard Semantic MediaWiki search form is too complicated for average users, both for those setting up SMWs but especially for those who just use them. It should be relatively easy to adjust it to make it more user friendly.Hackathon
In session
6028 October 2022 14:45:00
Snack breakBreak3026 October 2022 17:15:00
Tea break 1Break1526 October 2022 15:30:00
The Wikitext Parsing worldIn future versions of MediaWiki parsing is going to change. This talk consists of a short presentation about the current situation and the opportunity to ask questions. The basicsTalk3026 October 2022 16:15:00
TutorialsTutorials provide hands-on guidance for specific topics.Session12026 October 2022 10:15:00
Welcome1526 October 2022 10:00:00
What's new in Page Forms and the restHighlights of recent additions to extensions including Page Forms, Page Schemas and External DataTalk3026 October 2022 14:30:00
Wikidata Synchronization for the CEUR-WS publishing platform use caseData synchronization between Wikidata and SMW on the CEUR-WS use case.Lightning talk
In session
1528 October 2022 10:45:00
Work of the Wikimedia API platform team3026 October 2022 15:45:00
pyMediaWikiDockerPython controlled mediawiki docker application cluster installationTutorial
In session
3026 October 2022 10:30:00