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SMWCon, or the Semantic MediaWiki Conference, now known as the MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference (MWCon), is an event that serves users, developers, and enthusiasts of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. This includes corporate users, academics, and others interested in the software.

Traditionally held in Europe during the fall, the conference was renamed in 2024 to encompass a broader scope, combining SMWCon and EMWCon into one comprehensive gathering (SMWCon + EMWCon = MWCon). It is a bi-annual event every year in spring (North America) and fall (Europe).

Please refer to the official conference webpages for more details on the conferences and related events for opportunities to present MediaWiki and Semantic-MediaWiki-related work.

MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference[edit]




SMWCons are now held within the MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference every year in fall (see above).


20 editions of SMWCon have been held so far:

There have also been previous Semantic MediaWiki-related events under different names:

  • SMW Camp – 7 and 8 November 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • SMW Meetup – 25 March 2009 in Stanford, California, USA
  • SMW Users Meeting – 22 and 23 November 2008 in Boston, Massachusets, USA


See the contributions made to SMW Conferences so far.


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EMWCon, or the Enterprise MediaWiki Conference, is an event spun off from SMWCon.

Related events[edit]

Conference organizers might find it useful to co-allocate a SMWCon with related events.

Resources for organizers[edit]

The page SMWCon Organization holds information for organizers, and potential organizers, of SMWCon. See also the pages in the category SMWCon Organization.

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