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Usage Instructions

INFO: By default the conference map below shows an empty framework of aspect codes (e.g. PR-0 Use Cases) within aspect groups (e.g. Operations: PROMOTE) on 3 layers (infrastructure, customization and operations).

YOUR ACTIONS: There are 4 dimensions by which you can elicit facets in the conference map:

  • Noun keywords: elicit contributions addressing certain "things"
  • Verb keywords: elicit contributions addressing certain actions
  • Types: elicit contributions of certain types
  • Days: elicit contributions occurring on certain days


NOUN KEYWORDS:  Analytics1,  Authorization1,  BI1,  Cargo1,  Community2,  Compliance1,  Confidence1,  Dashboard1,  Diagrams1,  Extension2,  Faceting1,  Forms2,  Graph1,  HTML1,  Keynote1,  NonDevelopers3,  NonWikiDesign1,  Permissions2,  Profiling1,  RDF3,  Referatory1,  Release1,  Search1,  Security3,  Semantic MediaWiki1,  Skinning1,  SocialMedia1,  Sparql1,  Templates1,  Triples1,  Triplestore1,  UIC1,  Usability1,  User Interface2,  VisualEditor1,  WebDatabase1
VERB KEYWORDS:  configure1,  cooperate2,  develop2,  manage1,  query1
TYPES:  CreateCamp2,  LightningTalk1,  Talk21,  Unconference3,  Workshop2
DAYS:  2019/9/251,  2019/9/261,  2019/9/271

COM-0 Communication How do community members communicate? Where to push messages and where to subscribe to news? Where to get general guidance?

  • Conference Program Keynote (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Lex Sulzer
    Community - Faceting
    2019/9/25 at 09:30
  • SMW Social Media Activities The SMW social media channels (twitter, facebook, youtube) could need some more love and strategy. This is something where non-developers can help out. </br>Join a discussion about what social media channels should be offered, how they should be managed. Help out to spread the word about SMW! (LightningTalk, 0 upvotes)
    by Bernhard Krabina
    NonDevelopers - SocialMedia - manage
    2019/9/25 at 14:30

COM-1 Documentation Where to contribute to documentation? How to contribute?

COM-2 Consulting Where to get help? Who to hire for what? How to offer products and services?


COM-3 Certification Make it easy for users to gauge an extension's stability and compatibility with MW core and other extensions.

COM-4 Projects Which projects is the community currently pursuing? What is suggested/requested by the community?

COM-5 Cooperation How does the community cooperate in different fields?

Operations: PROMOTE

PR-0 Use Cases * Usage examples abstraction</br>* Designated benefits

PR-1 Usage Examples * Concrete examples of use cases</br>* Underlying decision process leading to implementation</br>* Push/pull?

Operations: USE

US-0 Usability This aspect refers to everything that facilitates a Smooth, Intuitive and Pleasant Use, Operation and Setup of Semantic MediaWiki.</br>* Optimal interactions</br>** Facets</br>** Forms

US-1 Ontologies * Implement ontologies and their facets using templates, properties, concepts, query templates, result formats, modules, etc.</br>* SMW/Cargo</br>* Naming best practices</br>* Examples for underlying frameworks and concrete apps

US-2 Content Design PENDING

Operations: MONITOR

MO-0 Data Quality Assurance * Data curation/coherence/consistency/integrity</br>* Facets based on normalized data

MO-1 Business Relevance <br>* Continued business justification* (S)MW popularity among developers, engineers, administrators, power users, ontology/search engineers, and end users

Customization: CONFIGURE

CONF-0 Permissions * How to structure roles and permissions efficiently?</br>* Which tools/extensions/services to use for authentication/authorization?

CONF-1 Extensions How to select and configure a suite of extensions to achieve a particular use case?

CONF-2 Backends How to optimize and scale backends.

Customization: INTEGRATE

IN-0 External Data <br>* How to tap into (semantic) external data sources for meshing facets* When (not) to import data* Updating policies, costs, and practical limitations

IN-1 MediaWiki API * Optimal purpose-driven use of various endpoints

Infrastructure: SETUP

SE-0 Platforms * Different server operating systems</br>* Containerization</br>* Cloud services

SE-1 Managers Tools/libraries/frameworks facilitating managing all (S)MW aspects

SE-2 Backends How to use MediaWiki with different backends, e.g. MySQL, Elasticsearch or a triple store.

Infrastructure: MAINTAIN

MA-0 Secure (Backup/Clone) SSL/TLS, Permissions, Authentication, Extensions, API, External Data, Common.js

MA-1 Upgrade * (Semi-)automated updates of core and extensions best practices</br>** repeatable (~idempotent)</br>** reusable</br>** reversible</br>** logged</br>** graceful error recovery

MA-2 Scale * (S)MW and big data</br>* Simple and complex scaling options

Infrastructure: DEVELOP

DE-0 Core * Core development policies and modalities</br>* Where to look for documentation and skills</br>* Understand how to adapt to core

DE-1 Extensions <br/>* Extension development best practices* Boilerplates, blueprints, and templates* Magic words, parser functions, jobs integration, etc.

DE-2 Skins <br>* Develop, extend, and adapt skins (CSS, JS)* Underlying frameworks and libraries (e.g. Bootstrap)

The MediaWiki Aspects Map helps in structuring:

  • conference contributions, i.e. (lightning) talks, tutorials, workshops, create camps and posters
  • community members' skills provided and looked for
  • (S)MW-related knowledge media and best practices

MediaWiki Aspects Map

It is an instance of Feature "Nested Facet Maps".