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Usage Instructions

INFO: By default the conference map below shows an empty framework of aspect codes (e.g. PR-0 Use Cases) within aspect groups (e.g. Operations: PROMOTE) on 3 layers (infrastructure, customization and operations).

YOUR ACTIONS: There are 4 dimensions by which you can elicit facets in the conference map:

  • Noun keywords: elicit contributions addressing certain "things"
  • Verb keywords: elicit contributions addressing certain actions
  • Types: elicit contributions of certain types
  • Days: elicit contributions occurring on certain days


NOUN KEYWORDS:  Analytics1,  Authentication1,  Authorization1,  BI1,  Cargo1,  Community3,  Compliance1,  Conference Management System,1,  Confidence1,  Dashboard1,  Diagrams1,  Event1,  Extension2,  Faceting1,  Forms2,  Graph1,  HTML1,  Keynote1,  MediaWiki2,  NonDevelopers3,  NonWikiDesign1,  Open Science,1,  Permissions2,  Profiling1,  RDF3,  Referatory1,  Release1,  Search1,  Security3,  Semantic MediaWiki2,  Skinning1,  SocialMedia1,  Sparql2,  Templates1,  Triples1,  Triplestore1,  UIC1,  Usability1,  User Interface2,  VisualEditor1,  WMF1,  WebDatabase1,  Wikibase1
VERB KEYWORDS:  configure1,  cooperate2,  develop2,  manage1,  query1
TYPES:  CreateCamp2,  LightningTalk2,  Talk26,  Unconference6,  Workshop2
DAYS:  2019/9/251,  2019/9/261,  2019/9/271

COM-0 Communication How do community members communicate? Where to push messages and where to subscribe to news? Where to get general guidance?

  • Conference Program Keynote (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Lex Sulzer
    Community - Faceting
    2019/9/25 at 09:15
  • Lightning Talks Open mic for participants to talk for 5 minutes about their projects and/or needs. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
  • SMW Social Media Activities The SMW social media channels (twitter, facebook, youtube) could need some more love and strategy. This is something where non-developers can help out. </br>Join a discussion about what social media channels should be offered, how they should be managed. Help out to spread the word about SMW! (LightningTalk, 0 upvotes)
    by Bernhard Krabina
    NonDevelopers - SocialMedia - manage
    2019/9/25 at 13:55
  • The WMF Core Platform Team: Roadmap Update and Q&A This will be an introduction to the Wikimedia Foundation's Core Platform Team, including the structure, process, current roadmap, and ways to communicate to and interact with the team. There will be time for a Q&A. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Cindy Cicalese
    MediaWiki - WMF
    2019/9/25 at 11:25

COM-1 Documentation Where to contribute to documentation? How to contribute?

COM-2 Consulting Where to get help? Who to hire for what? How to offer products and services?


COM-3 Certification Make it easy for users to gauge an extension's stability and compatibility with MW core and other extensions.

COM-4 Projects Which projects is the community currently pursuing? What is suggested/requested by the community?

COM-5 Cooperation How does the community cooperate in different fields?

Operations: PROMOTE

PR-0 Use Cases * Usage examples abstraction</br>* Designated benefits

PR-1 Usage Examples * Concrete examples of use cases</br>* Underlying decision process leading to implementation</br>* Push/pull?

Operations: USE

US-0 Usability This aspect refers to everything that facilitates a Smooth, Intuitive and Pleasant Use, Operation and Setup of Semantic MediaWiki.</br>* Optimal interactions</br>** Facets</br>** Forms

US-1 Ontologies * Implement ontologies and their facets using templates, properties, concepts, query templates, result formats, modules, etc.</br>* SMW/Cargo</br>* Naming best practices</br>* Examples for underlying frameworks and concrete apps

US-2 Content Design PENDING

Operations: MONITOR

MO-0 Data Quality Assurance * Data curation/coherence/consistency/integrity</br>* Facets based on normalized data

MO-1 Business Relevance <br>* Continued business justification* (S)MW popularity among developers, engineers, administrators, power users, ontology/search engineers, and end users

Customization: CONFIGURE

CONF-0 Permissions * How to structure roles and permissions efficiently?</br>* Which tools/extensions/services to use for authentication/authorization?

CONF-1 Extensions How to select and configure a suite of extensions to achieve a particular use case?

CONF-2 Backends How to optimize and scale backends.

Customization: INTEGRATE

IN-0 External Data <br>* How to tap into (semantic) external data sources for meshing facets* When (not) to import data* Updating policies, costs, and practical limitations

IN-1 MediaWiki API * Optimal purpose-driven use of various endpoints

Infrastructure: SETUP

SE-0 Platforms * Different server operating systems</br>* Containerization</br>* Cloud services

  • OpenResearch - Find your scientific conference This semantic wiki at Openresearch aims at making the world of science more visible and accessible. Everybody can add his favorite events (e.g. conferences and workshops), co-workers, tools/datasets, community fora or journals. Pooled together these pieces of information constitute a vast knowledge base about who and what moves science forward. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Wazed Ali
    Conference Management System, - Event - Open Science,
    2019/9/26 at 16:45
  • OpenResearch - Find your scientific conference This semantic wiki at Openresearch aims at making the world of science more visible and accessible. Everybody can add his favorite events (e.g. conferences and workshops), co-workers. Pooled together these pieces of information constitute a vast knowledge base about who and what moves science forward. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Wazed Ali


SE-1 Managers Tools/libraries/frameworks facilitating managing all (S)MW aspects

SE-2 Backends How to use MediaWiki with different backends, e.g. MySQL, Elasticsearch or a triple store.

Infrastructure: MAINTAIN

MA-0 Secure (Backup/Clone) SSL/TLS, Permissions, Authentication, Extensions, API, External Data, Common.js

MA-1 Upgrade * (Semi-)automated updates of core and extensions best practices</br>** repeatable (~idempotent)</br>** reusable</br>** reversible</br>** logged</br>** graceful error recovery

MA-2 Scale * (S)MW and big data</br>* Simple and complex scaling options

Infrastructure: DEVELOP

DE-0 Core * Core development policies and modalities</br>* Where to look for documentation and skills</br>* Understand how to adapt to core

DE-1 Extensions <br/>* Extension development best practices* Boilerplates, blueprints, and templates* Magic words, parser functions, jobs integration, etc.

  • Best practices for creating extensions using BoilerPlate and Example Learn about how to create a MediaWiki extension from scratch incorporating current best practices for various functions (magic words, parser function, jobs, etc.) (Unconference, 0 upvotes)
  • Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensions This talk will cover some of the recent improvements and new features in the Cargo and Page Forms extensions, and show how the two can work closely alongside one another. (Note: this talk can be split up into two if necessary.) (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Yaron Koren
    Cargo - Forms
    2019/9/26 at 10:45
  • How we hacked Visual Editor to add an edit images feature How we hacked Visual Editor to enable users to insert, crop and edit images directly into VE modal. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Pierre Boutet

    2019/9/26 at 14:30
  • WSArrays - an easy way to use complex arrays in your wiki WSArrays is an extension which creates an additional set of parser functions that operate on multidimensional and associative arrays. Additionally, it adds a new result printer to SMW called "complexarray", which will define a multidimensional array that can be operated via MediaWiki through several parser functions.</br></br>The extension allows you to easily map the results of a query onto a template with named args, as well as change the arrangement of items in the array, getting a single value from the array, pushing items to the array and much more. (Unconference, 0 upvotes)
    by Marijn van Wezel
    MediaWiki - Semantic MediaWiki
    2019/9/27 at
  • Yearly Semantic MediaWiki overview An overview of what happened in Semantic MediaWiki land during the last year, including the 3.1 release. (Talk, 0 upvotes)
    by Karsten Hoffmeyer
    Extension - Release - Semantic MediaWiki - develop
    2019/9/26 at 10:00

DE-2 Skins <br>* Develop, extend, and adapt skins (CSS, JS)* Underlying frameworks and libraries (e.g. Bootstrap)

The MediaWiki Aspects Map helps in structuring:

  • conference contributions, i.e. (lightning) talks, tutorials, workshops, create camps and posters
  • community members' skills provided and looked for
  • (S)MW-related knowledge media and best practices

MediaWiki Aspects Map

It is an instance of Feature "Nested Facet Maps".