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Sometimes it can be necessary to remove an ID by force due to data being incompatible 1 with a current Semantic MediaWiki instance and running a full-rebuild may not be a viable option.

The "SMWAdmin" special page provides this functionality with Semantic MediaWiki

The input field for the ID disposal has been disabled in order to make sure that a user first uses the ID lookup to confirm the correct entity after which the ID is copied and requires confirmation using the checkbox provided.

As of 2.5.13 it is also possible to input a string (where the ID is unknown) for attempting to match a corresponding sortkey and find related IDs.

The removal is unrestricted and will entirely remove any reference from internal tables. If an entity (property, subject etc.) still has references (values pointing to a property) then by the next manual parse or rebuild the entity will be recreated therefore it is necessary to clean-up any references and correct annotations that may be related to a selected entity.

Any disposal activity is being log and can be viewed using special page "Log".

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