Incremental and continues data rebuild


It is not always possible to run the rebuildData.php script without impacting availability or performance of the server that provides Semantic MediaWiki functionality.

Yet, it is possible to schedule rebuildData.php in such a way that a small amount of ID's can incrementally rebuild data on a continues basis. With a task or crontab scheduler and the use of some option parameters it is possible to setup an operation without requiring human intervention.

  • -n for a fixed amount of ID's expected to be processed during a batch run
  • --startidfile a writeable file that will contain the last ID of the last run at which the next run is going to continue, once the run has reached the end of available ID's, the file will contain -1 to indicate a new run


php.exe ...\extensions\SemanticMediaWiki\maintenance\rebuildData.php
--startidfile ...\tmp\maintenance\
-n 20
--ignore-exceptions --exception-log ...\tmp\maintenance\rebuildata-mw-26-00-exception.log

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