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Name  Glaser
First name  Markus
Photo  Photo 2016-09-28 112304 Markus Glaser.jpg
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About me  I mainly work in Please see my full profile there: mw:User:Mglaser
Publish?  No
Events  SMWCon Fall 2016, SMWCon Fall 2012, SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Fall 2014,

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Talk eventtitledescription
Application prototyping with Semantic MediaWiki and BlueSpiceSMWCon Fall 2016Application prototyping with SMW and BlueSpiceMediaWiki is more than a documentation platform. It can be used for bootstrapping web applications
BlueForge Feature Matrix: WikiData - An experience reportSMWCon Fall 2013BlueForge Feature Matrix: Wikidata - An experience reportThis talk covers the experience made with Wikidata by "Hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH". It's about why we chose it and what were the difficulties we had to deal with.
BlueSpiceSMWCon Fall 2012BlueSpiceThe description of BlueSpice - an easy-to-use enterprise MediaWiki bundle. What are the common obstacles the developers of the BlueSpice and SMW now have? Can BlueSpice take advantage of including SMW into the bundle?
Carousel widgetArchitectural knowledge management with SMW
BlueSpice – past / present / future
Improving dependency management and easing upgradesSMWCon Fall 2013Improving dependency management and easing upgradesA look at the improvements being made to MediaWiki that will benefit you
MediaWiki Cooperation. A user group for 3rd party usersSMWCon Fall 2014MediaWiki Cooperation. A user group for 3rd party users.For quite some time now, the idea has been around to build a separate entity that cares about the use of MediaWiki outside the Wikimedia world. It's time to tackle the task and work our way towards an institution of its own that cares for MediaWiki as a software product. A first effort has been made at Wikimania. Let's shape that user group together!