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Hi User:kghbln!

Thank you to you for granted me the permissions! Yes, there is a lot of pages marked for translations but no translated. I check and translate it bit by bit as the time allows me. I am agree with your way to work, I will prioritize the translation template and the pages marked. If I check some page that could be marked and translated because possibly it will never have important changes, I will do it too.

About the system messages, all right. I will try to help with that too. One doubt about semantic extensions, is there any centralized website in which I can work its translations? Or, have I check for each case?

Ah! Excuse me for the double signature in my last messages. I usually write in the Wikipedia talk pages, where is not able any system like this or Flow yet.


19:08, 10 December 2017

Hi Ivanhercaz,

thanks a lot for you effort. You approach sounds reasonable. Indeed, pages already marked for translation are priority. In case there is something to ask do so ...

The individual semantic extensions for translating the system messages can be chosen from the dropdown menu on this page, so yes there is a centralized website to do so. This one uses the same translating system as this wiki and most of the other websites running MediaWiki.

Do not worry about signatures. :)

11:35, 12 December 2017