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Wiki Product LinesWe've started using SMW as a framework for product lines. One of the main challenges we've encountered is how to streamline in-wiki content synchronization between product instantiations.SMWCon Fall 2017
Kadaster Innovation FunnelWe present the concept, implementation and use of the Kadaster Innovation Funnel, which has been realized using a combination of Semantic MediaWiki, linked data, and Linked Data Theatre visualization.SMWCon Fall 2016
SmartConnectThis talk introduces SmartConnect, an extension to import data from several modelleing environments.SMWCon Fall 2015
Semantic Time Traveling: Tagging and Branching Knowledge with SMW (a vision)In this talk, I would like to explore with the audience the possibilities to 'travel through time' in Semantic MediaWiki, borrowing concepts and ideas from version control systems.SMWCon Fall 2013
Architectural knowledge management with SMWHere we want to describe some of our work on architectural knowledge management with SMW for the Dutch e-government, especially our recent work on an interconnected system of semantic wiki's.SMWCon Fall 2012

My name is Remco de Boer. I am an IT architect and knowledge architect at ArchiXL, a Dutch IT architecture consultancy. I have always been interested in knowledge management, semantic technologies, and battling information overload. In 2009, I started actively using Semantic MediaWiki as a tool to manage architectural knowledge. Since then, we have applied Semantic MediaWiki as an (architectural) knowledge management environment for numerous organizations, many of them in the public and semi-public sector in the Netherlands.