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name  introduction
label  introduction
type  Special:Types/Text
index  7
primaryKey  No
mandatory  No
size  600
uploadable  No
inputType  textarea
documentation  self introduction with a few lines of text
showInGrid  Yes
isLink  No
topic  Concept:Attendee

This is a Property with type Special:Types/Text

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Ad Strack van Schijndel +Hi, my name is Ad STRACK VAN SCHIJNDEL. Short first name and long last name. Working with SMW for some years now. In the sense that I have a business of my own ([https://www.wikibase.nl www.wikibase.nl]) in delivering SMW-based solutions for small and large companies. It really is an interesting challenge and I'm perfectly convinced that wiki's fill some very interesting holes in the ICT market.  +
Alexander Gesinn +Alexander Gesinn, Managing Director & Partner, [http://gesinn.it gesinn.it GmbH & Co. KG].  +
Alina Mierlus +Hi there! I'm Alina Mierlus, a technologist from Barcelona. I'm interested in SemanticWiki extension development and platform deployments. I'm working on simili.cc project, doing stuff such as web applications development, deployment, support. Beside similis.cc, I study Philosophy at University of Barcelona.  +
Anja Jenztsch +[http://anjajentzsch.de/ Anja Jentzsch] [mailto:mail@anjajentzsch.de <code><span style="color: #36b">mail[[File:At sign.svg|12px| ‐at‐ |link=]]anjajentzsch.de</span></code>]  +
Anton Bil +Researcher @ [https://hz.nl/lectoraten/expertise-valorisation-management/ HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen, The Netherlands]  +
Bahar Sateli +I am a Computer Science PhD candidate and doctoral researcher at [http://www.concordia.ca Concordia University]. My research is mainly focused on the applications of Natural Language Processing techniques in web-based information systems, such as Wikis. More information about my research is available on the [http://www.semanticsoftware.info Semantic Software Lab] website. I am also the local chair of the [[SMWCon_Spring_2014]]. Should you have any questions, I can be reached at [mailto:sateli@semanticsoftware.info <code><span style="color: #36b">sateli[[File:At sign.svg|12px| ‐at‐ |link=]]semanticsoftware.info</span></code>]  +
Benedikt Kämpgen + * Using SMW since 2009... * Workplace website: http://www.fzi.de/mitarbeiter/kaempgen/ * Personal website: http://www.b-kaempgen.de/ * Former workplace website: http://www.aifb.kit.edu/web/Benedikt_K%C3%A4mpgen/en   +
Bernadette Clemente +Bernadette Clemente is the Associate Department Head of the Software Solutions and Technologies department at the MITRE Corporation. She is the thought leader behind the vision and application of Semantic MediaWiki for the enterprise at MITRE. She leads several knowledge management efforts at MITRE to transform enterprise content into interconnected, findable, and visualizable enterprise knowledge.  +
Bernhard Krabina +Bernhard Krabina is a researcher, consulter and trainer at the [http://www.kdz.eu KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research] in Vienna, Austria. He is an admistrator of various SMW installations - mainly for use cases in the public sector. http://smw.referata.com/wiki/Bernhard_Krabina  +
Brown Natasha +I am a [http://wikitranslate.org/wiki/Category:Natasha_Brown Russian teacher] who has lived in London over 20 years. I make [https://www.youtube.com/user/LearnRussianLanguage Youtube videos] together with [http://wikitranslate.org/wiki/Category:Masha_Anning my daughter] and [http://wikitranslate.org/wiki/Category:Maya_Anning granddaughter] to help students learn Russian. I started making my first site in January 2010 as LearnRussianSpeakRussian.org. However I realised that it will work not only with Russian but with the other languages as well and I have remade the site as [http://WikiTranslate.org/wiki/Russian WikiTranslate]. We are working on an English course now together with [http://wikitranslate.org/wiki/Category:Richard_Brown my husband] who in a native professional English teacher.  +
Chris Koerner +I work at the Wikimedia Foundation as a [https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_Liaisons community liaison] for the [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Discovery Discovery department]. I also support the reading web department with the Hovercards product. Previously I worked at [http://mercy.net Mercy], a non-profit health system in the mid-west section of the United States. I was in the IT department on the Data Management team. My primary role was working with data-focused co-workers to help provide robust support around the descriptions and definitions of data - via MediaWiki. To learn more about me, please visit [https://clkoerner.com my personal website].  +
Christian Wagner +I'm from Vienna, employed at the "Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft" at the University of Vienna. At the moment I am working on [https://thespis.univie.ac.at/db/ THESPIS.DIGITAL], a Semantic-MediaWiki based database for German-speaking travelling theatre troupes in the 17th and 18th century.  +
Christoph Sonnlechner +Christoph Sonnlechner is an archivist and historian in Vienna. He works at the [http://www.wien.gv.at/kultur/archiv/ Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv] (Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna). He is head of the [http://www.geschichtewiki.wien.at/ Wien Geschichte Wiki] working group at the archives.  +
Cornelia Veja +CTO at Iris SemData Consulting, Cluj-Napoca, Romania  +
Daniel A. R. Werner +Please see my user profile on [http://mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Danwe mediawiki.org] for details.  +
Daniel Herzig +Hi, my name is Daniel. I worked at AIFB and build its SMW based portal [[AIFB_Web_Portal]]. Now, I am with [http://www.searchhaus.net SearchHaus GmbH], a startup specializing on semantic graph search.  +
Daniel K. Schneider +I am a lecturer in educational technology and run http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/ as well as several smaller mediawikis. I use several mediawiki extensions and started to invest learning and using SMW extensions. [http://tecfa.unige.ch/DKS Wiki home page]  +
Denny Vrandečić +'''Denny''' (actually '''Zdenko''') '''Vrandečić''' is one of the original developers of [[Semantic MediaWiki]]. He studied computer science and philosophy in Stuttgart, Germany, and has Dalmatian ancestry. He earned his PhD in 2010 from the AIFB, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (formerly Universität Karlsruhe (TH)), working on the semantic web and ontologies.  +
Doug Beeson +Hi there. My name is Doug Beeson. I am an Enterprise Architect at [http://www.cogeco.com Cogeco Cable] in Montreal, Canada. My interests in SMW include modeling of enterprise concepts such as applications, data, business processes, people and the links between them. In my spare time I design and build electronic devices for making music, do some snowboarding, cook, and doodle around with Ruby programming. My latest programs in Ruby build 2-D cellular automata like the one shown below.  +
Erwin Oord + * Managing Partner at [http://www.archixl.nl ArchiXL] and our international subsidiary [http://www.xl-knowledge.com XL&Knowledge]. * Our platform: [http://www.wikixl.nl WikiXL]. * Wiki of the month [[Triple_A|Januari 2013]].   +
Frank Taylor +Frank Taylor is the founder and editor-in-chief of Law Explorers Incorporated (http://lawexplorers.com/). The objectives of the project include the use of technology to facilitate comprehension of the language and terminology of law and to promote multilingual, multicultural "legal literacy."  +
Franz Borrmann +Welcome to my user page on SMW and thanks for your visit. iUS Institut für Umwelttechnologien und Strahlenschutz GmbH You will find more of me and my work at www<dot>ius-online<dot>eu.  +
Hans de Bruin +Hi, My name is Hans de Bruin. I am part-time professor ICT at the HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen, The Netherlands. You can contact me by e-mail: * [[Has email address::Hans.de.Bruin@hz.nl]] * [[Has email address::hans@bigpicturelab.nl]] (my own consultancy company) Best regards, Hans.  +
Hans-Jörg Happel +see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Hhappel  +
Henk Scholten +This is the info page of user Henk Scholten. Please see www.bi-team.com for my work. You can reach me at: hscholten--at--bi-team--dot--com  +