MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference Fall 2024/Call for Contributions

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MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference Fall 2024MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference Fall 2024/Call for Contributions

Hello (Semantic) MediaWiki maintainers, software developers, consultants, researchers!

Call for Contributions[edit]

We are looking for use cases and best practices that provide insight in issues like

  • How does the use of MediaWiki change the way we share knowledge
  • How can GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) benefit from MediaWiki
  • How did you use MediaWiki in our organizational/academic/government/enterprise setting?
  • What are the best ways to run MediaWiki, what extensions did you use?
  • How can we best introduce newcomers to MediaWiki?
  • How can we use linked data/Semantic Web to enhance knowledge management?
  • What are the benefits of using Semantic MediaWiki?

Your experience is valuable for all of us! So please share and propose a talk, tutorial or other contribution.

Hit the button below to propose a contribution.

Current proposals[edit]

 DescriptionHas speakerHas talk typeDurationPlanned
Current state of OpenSemanticLabHow it is utilized in institutional knowledge/data management and research projectsSimon StierTalk30
Factors influencing the use of wikis in organizationsThe talk will discuss factors that influence the use of wikis in organizations. Two research methodologies will be introduced: UTAUT/UTAUT2 and the System Usability Scale. The talk will highlight some prelimiary results from ongoang wiki research projects.Krabina BernhardTalk20
Object oriented linked data (OO-LD)How to make large knowledge graphs structured for machines manageable for humansSimon StierTalk30
OpenSemanticLab and data workflowsSeamless integration of automated workflows thanks to osw-python, prefect & pydanticSimon StierLightning talk20
SMW, RDF and LLMsHow to feed Knowledge Graphs to Chatbots?Simon StierLightning talk20
State of Canasta, Fall 2024Updates to Canasta since MediaWiki Users and Developers Conference Spring 2024 in Portland, Oregon, USA.Jeffrey WangTalk30