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Extensionlang"Language code" is a predefined property that represents a BCP47 formatted language code and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.namedescriptionhomepageWikidata ID
Extension "Admin Links"enAdmin LinksDefines a special page that serves as a "control panel" that holds helpful links for administrative tasks Links
Extension "Arrays"enArraysAllows storing and computing of named arrays
Extension "Data Transfer"enData TransferAllows for importing and exporting data contained in template calls Transfer
Extension "Diagrams"enDiagramsThe Diagrams extension displays GraphViz, Mscgen, and PlantUML diagrams in a wiki. It can be configured to use a small web service to render the images.
Extension "External Data"enExternal DataAllows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sources Data
Extension "GraphViz"enGraphVizAllows embedding Graphviz markup and generates inline images
Extension "Lingo"enLingoProvides hover-over tool tips on pages from words defined on a wiki page
Extension "Maps"enMapsAllows embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding and geospatial operationshttps://maps.extension.wikiQ21677553
Extension "Mermaid"enMermaidProvides a parser function to generate diagrams and flowcharts with the help of the mermaid script language
Extension "Modern Timeline"enModern TimelineProvides a modern timeline visualization for Semantic MediaWiki as a result format
Extension "Page Forms"enPage FormsAllows to create and use forms for adding and editing pages with and without semantic data FormsQ21678466
Extension "Page Schemas"enPage SchemasDefines the data structure for all pages in a category using XML Schemas
Extension "Semantic Approved Revs"enSemantic Approved RevsAllows to control the storage of approved revision content with annotations Approved RevsQ61862428
Extension "Semantic Breadcrumb Links"enSemantic Breadcrumb LinksAllows to build breadcrumb links using semantic annotations
Extension "Semantic Bundle"enSemantic BundleInstalls and loads Semantic MediaWiki and associated extensions
Extension "Semantic Cite"enSemantic CiteAllows to manage citation resources using semantic annotations
Extension "Semantic Drilldown"enSemantic DrilldownA drilldown interface for navigating through semantic data DrilldownQ21678469
Extension "Semantic External Query Lookup"enSemantic External Query LookupAllows to seamlessly integrate query results from an external query source to a local repository or wiki
Extension "Semantic Extra Special Properties"enSemantic Extra Special PropertiesAdds some extra special properties to all pages Extra Special PropertiesQ21678476
Extension "Semantic Forms Select"enSemantic Forms SelectAllows to generate a select form element with values retrieved from a semantic query or a parser function
Extension "Semantic Glossary"enSemantic GlossaryAllows to define terms as well as abbreviations and manage them with semantic annotations
Extension "Semantic Image Annotator"enSemantic Image AnnotatorAllows adding customized semantic annotations to images Image AnnotatorQ21678499
Extension "Semantic Image Caption"enSemantic Image CaptionAllows to generate image caption information from annotations Image CaptionQ93080249
Extension "Semantic Image Input"enSemantic Image InputAdds an image input to Semantic Forms that pulls images from Wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons Image Input
Extension "Semantic Incoming Properties"enSemantic Incoming PropertiesReturns a list of incoming properties semantically linked to a specified page Incoming PropertiesQ21678490
Extension "Semantic Interlanguage Links"enSemantic Interlanguage LinksAllows to create and manage interlanguage links with semantic annotations
Extension "Semantic Internal Objects"enSemantic Internal ObjectsAllows setting of internal objects in Semantic MediaWiki Internal ObjectsQ21678487
Extension "Semantic Maps"enSemantic MapsProvides the ability to view and edit coordinate data stored with the Semantic MediaWiki extension Maps
Extension "Semantic MediaWiki"enSemantic MediaWikiAllows to store and query data annotated to pageshttps://www.semantic-mediawiki.orgQ20728
Extension "Semantic Meta Tags"enSemantic Meta TagsAllows to extend the meta elements in the HTML header of a page with content generated from semantic annotations
Extension "Semantic Notifications"enSemantic NotificationsInforms about changes to structured data using the Echo extension
Extension "Semantic Result Formats"enSemantic Result FormatsProvides additional formats for semantic queries
Extension "Semantic Scribunto"enSemantic ScribuntoProvides service functions to support the Scribunto extension
Extension "Semantic Tasks"enSemantic TasksE-mail notifications for assigned or updated tasks TasksQ21678507
Extension "Semantic Watchlist"enSemantic WatchlistLets users be notified of specific changes to Semantic MediaWiki data Watchlist
Extension "SolrStore"enSolrStoreAllows searching semantic properties with the power of a fulltext search engine
Extension "Summary Cards"enSummary CardsDisplays content summaries on hovered links
Extension "Validator"enValidatorProvides generic parameter handling support for other extensions
Extension "Whats Nearby"enWhats NearbyProvides geolocation information to templates


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|Name=Admin Links
|Description=Defines a special page that serves as a "control panel" that holds helpful links for administrative tasks
|Maintainer=Yaron Koren,
|First released month=May
|First released year=2009
|Release status=stable
|Development status=active
|Area of usage=Other area of usage
|Associated with=MW