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Extension "Semantic Breadcrumb Links"

Semantic Breadcrumb Links
Allows to build breadcrumb links using semantic annotations
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Further Information
Homepage: follow this link
Maintainer(s): James Hong Kong
First released: February 2015
Release status: stable
Development status: active
Composer: mediawiki/semantic-breadcrumb-links
Area of usage: Storing additional data
Associated with:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension:Semantic Bundle, SMW+ = Semantic MediaWiki Plus, MW = MediaWiki SMW
Shortcut:This is the shortcut to mark the beginning of the subject line when writing a support request to the mailing list or to the extension's author directly. See also this help page. SBL
Wikidata-ID: Q21678461

The Semantic Breadcrumb Links (a.k.a. SBL) extension to extension "Semantic MediaWiki"Allows to store and query data annotated to pages uses a antecedent pattern match strategy to filter property usage (e.g. "Has parent page ") that describe the location of a page relative to its parent and provides navigational help by generating a breadcrumb trail.

Documentation can be found in the "README" file.


Examples can be found here: <>