Extension "Diagrams"

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The Diagrams extension displays GraphViz, Mscgen, and PlantUML diagrams in a wiki. It can be configured to use a small web service to render the images.
Further Information
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Maintainer(s): Sam Wilson
First released: 12 2019
Release: stable
Development: active
Area of usage: Diagram display"Diagram display" is not in the list (Adding and modifying data, Searching and browsing data, Displaying data, Storing additional data, Storing data via an RDF triplestore, Protecting data, Awareness and workflow, Importing data, Other area of usage, Daten hinzufügen und ändern, ...) of allowed values for the "Has area of usage" property.
Association:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension "Semantic Bundle", MW = MediaWiki
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Wikidata-ID: not yet provided

It replaces the Extension "GraphViz" and Extension:PlantUML extensions in some ways, but does not (yet) support all features of either of them. The primary reason for a different extension is to not store the rendered images as wiki files.