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Events  SMWCon Fall 2012, SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Fall 2015, SMWCon Fall 2017, SMWCon Fall 2022

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Publishing architecture models as linked data with SMWThis presentation explains how to publish architecture models created with the ArchiMate open standard for enterprise architecture modelling as truly reusable linked data using SMW and open vocabularies. ArchiMate is an open standard for modelling enterprise information architecture. In a previous SMWCon we have presented an extension for importing ArchiMate models into SMW, with every architecture element and relation represented by a wiki page. In this presentation we explain how we can publish this architecture knowledge to a linked data repository. One of the key aspects of publishing linked data is to align the data with one or more public vocabularies to make it truly reusable.SMWCon Fall 2022
Project Standard Bank in South AfricaIn this project Semantic MediaWiki is used as the basis for a process portal for the Standard Bank in South Africa.SMWCon Fall 2015
SmartCore – Managing SMW content structure for dummiesCreating and maintaining the content structure of your wiki with forms and templates is cumbersome since wiki code is not very user friendly. With SmartCore you manage content structure as plain content.SMWCon Fall 2013