Finding the nuts and bolts of what drives the community, enable structured feedback and survey areas that might help shed light on important issues within users.

How do I get access?

Survey Portal

How does it work?

Survey form(s) are created using Extension "Page Forms" which are individually designed with a particular survey need in mind and together with RunQuery builds the main entry for point to manage access to available survey forms.

How do I add a survey form?

The best way to achieve this is to use the User feedback form as copy template as it contains all necessary information. Due to some restrictions on this website a new survey form has to be manually registered with the Form:Query/Survey in order to appear as selection option in the Survey Portal. The name of the survey form and the registered selection option (in Form:Query/Survey) have to be identical.

What happens with the survey?

Surveys are input from the community, accessible to everyone and therefore it is up the community to use surveyed answers to improve Semantic MediaWiki,, or related extensions.

How to analysis?

Depending on how the survey is designed and structured, quantitative or qualitative analysis will take precedence over the surveyed content.

For example to carry out a content or comparison analysis, answers could be stored as individual text properties, reused in a table and compared with each other while this representation allows for a comparison of selected answers and might prove helpful in finding similarities among the answers.

What to analysis?

This depends solely on the survey provided and its intended audience and objectives.

Available forms

Form Template Short description Target group
Administration forms
Form:Query/Survey Template:Query/Survey Survey portal administration Administrator
Survey forms
Form:User feedback Template:User feedback Questions aiming to survey and gather impressions about and the available documentation General user, especially new community members

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