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Question 1: Where did you first came in contact with SMW?
Looking into MediaWiki extensions in considering options for an organizational wiki.
Question 2: When you first came in contact with SMW where did you get your information from? (search engine, mediawiki.org, university etc.)
Question 3: Considering your circumstances, what kind of problems you think SMW can solve?
1. Combined with Semantic Forms, a better editing experience; standardizing layout, and hiding technical complexity.

2. Setting up relations between pages (each on one topic), and generating automatic page lists accordingly. Central list(s) for navigation, and on each page, list(s) for pages that relate to its topic, e.g. for subtopics. Avoids manually creating/updating these. 3. Storing content on pages and extracting and/or aggregating it for display on other pages. Makes it possible to arrange content in more ways with much less extra work.

Part II

Question 4: Why do you think SMW has the potential to solve those problems?
In reading about it and SMW-based extensions, it gradually became clear that the functionality should be possible to combine for these uses. This took some time; and Yaron Koren's book also provided some food for thought.
Question 5: When you looked for some solutions to a problem where did you look (semantic-mediawiki.org etc.)?
semantic-mediawiki.org provides the details - a reference for installation, configuration, etc., and details for usage. mediawiki.org provides the same for Semantic Forms, etc.

Yaron Koren's book will come in handy in the work ahead - it provides big-picture coverage beyond what's available in the documentation.

Question 6: Does semantic-mediawiki.org provides a good enough introduction in how to start with SMW?
If by "start" you mean installing and using it, yes. If you mean how to apply it to problems, it wasn't enough in itself to quickly see the possible applications.

Part III

Question 7: Could you rate (likert scale) the perceived information density on semantic-mediawiki.org. (1 least satisfied with information provided (found less information than I hoped for); 5 generally satisfied with information provided (found most questions answered); 10 satisfied with information provided (found all information I was looking for) )
Question 8: If semantic-mediawiki.org didn't provide a good enough introduction what would you see as a root cause for the problem (lack of structure, unclear entry points, to much information at the beginning, conceptional difficult to grasp at first etc.)?
Lack of coverage of how the concepts can be combined, more examples of what SMW can do.
Question 9: From your perspective what kind of information is missing on semantic-mediawiki.org?
The "big picture" regarding potential uses, as described in the answers to questions #8 and #10.
Question 10: If you have to improve the documentation which areas are in need for amendments (max. 3)?
The existing documentation is fine - what I think is needed is an additional set of pages that explore and connect things further on a conceptual level, and give examples of applying them to problems.

Additional comments

To write something on the "big picture" of SMW's uses, perhaps a good approach is if people who have solved various problems using SMW (and related extensions) can generalize from their experiences.