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Question 1: Where did you first came in contact with SMW?
Found it on a list of 'top 10 mediawiki extensions'
Question 2: When you first came in contact with SMW where did you get your information from? (search engine, mediawiki.org, university etc.)
Question 3: Considering your circumstances, what kind of problems you think SMW can solve?
I work in a manufacturing plant. SMW is solving tons of problems. It helps build reliable database interfaces quickly. It reaches everyone in the site (and company). It facilitates incredible reporting, all very quickly. I think of a new use for it almost every day.

Part II

Question 4: Why do you think SMW has the potential to solve those problems?
Because it's building on the hugely successful mediawiki model, and delivers the same flexibility and operability. Semantic Forms makes things easy for all the users.
Question 5: When you looked for some solutions to a problem where did you look (semantic-mediawiki.org etc.)?
Mostly the documentation at semantic-mediawiki.org.
Question 6: Does semantic-mediawiki.org provides a good enough introduction in how to start with SMW?
I think so. I think the hard part for myself/beginners was conceptualizing what SMW is doing, and what it allows. Once you break through the clouds, everything's great.

Part III

Question 7: Could you rate (likert scale) the perceived information density on semantic-mediawiki.org. (1 least satisfied with information provided (found less information than I hoped for); 5 generally satisfied with information provided (found most questions answered); 10 satisfied with information provided (found all information I was looking for) )
Question 8: If semantic-mediawiki.org didn't provide a good enough introduction what would you see as a root cause for the problem (lack of structure, unclear entry points, to much information at the beginning, conceptional difficult to grasp at first etc.)?
Again, it's typically trying to understand what the effect of the software is, and the concepts needed to use it.
Question 9: From your perspective what kind of information is missing on semantic-mediawiki.org?
I sometimes wonder if images for concepts would help. You can never have enough examples either.
Question 10: If you have to improve the documentation which areas are in need for amendments (max. 3)?
More connections to getting support. Forums, etc.

Additional comments

Not much else to add. SMW is changing my workplace. People are really starting to notice. The implications that this software has on the manufacturing industry are staggering. Really big. It's been really exciting to get to use it, and help others use it.