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Question 1: Where did you first came in contact with SMW?
Question 2: When you first came in contact with SMW where did you get your information from? (search engine, mediawiki.org, university etc.)
Question 3: Considering your circumstances, what kind of problems you think SMW can solve?
I am in the process of storing all my notes (college, finance, conlang, analysis) on a local MediaWiki installation. This is an unmanageable and disorganized mass of stuff. Semantic MediaWiki is a very good way to make it manageable and organized.

Part II

Question 4: Why do you think SMW has the potential to solve those problems?
I have only a very mild technical background. I was sold by the word semantic. The ability to tag articles and thus associate them is very valuable.
Question 5: When you looked for some solutions to a problem where did you look (semantic-mediawiki.org etc.)?
semantic-mediawiki.org, mediawiki.org
Question 6: Does semantic-mediawiki.org provides a good enough introduction in how to start with SMW?
The documentation is good. I read it without understanding it. Then I read it without knowing how to apply it. Eventually I come to a problem I don't know how to solve. After that I go back to the documentation and find something that applies to my problem.

Part III

Question 7: Could you rate (likert scale) the perceived information density on semantic-mediawiki.org. (1 least satisfied with information provided (found less information than I hoped for); 5 generally satisfied with information provided (found most questions answered); 10 satisfied with information provided (found all information I was looking for) )
Question 8: If semantic-mediawiki.org didn't provide a good enough introduction what would you see as a root cause for the problem (lack of structure, unclear entry points, to much information at the beginning, conceptional difficult to grasp at first etc.)?
conceptual difficult to grasp at first.
Question 9: From your perspective what kind of information is missing on semantic-mediawiki.org?
I would like an inexperienced person of limited technical background to walk through some of the concepts with simple examples that I could cut, paste and modify in my own wiki. This would let me make mistakes because of what I don't know, but still move forward.
Question 10: If you have to improve the documentation which areas are in need for amendments (max. 3)?
subobjects please

Additional comments

Semantic MediaWiki is a great project. Thank you very much.