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Question 1: Where did you first came in contact with SMW?
Question 2: When you first came in contact with SMW where did you get your information from? (search engine, mediawiki.org, university etc.)
Wikipedia and Google
Question 3: Considering your circumstances, what kind of problems you think SMW can solve?
Internationalization/translation/mapping of controlled medical terminologies

Part II

Question 4: Why do you think SMW has the potential to solve those problems?
Because of WHO ICD and LexWiki
Question 5: When you looked for some solutions to a problem where did you look (semantic-mediawiki.org etc.)?
Late 2011
Question 6: Does semantic-mediawiki.org provides a good enough introduction in how to start with SMW?
Pretty good.

Part III

Question 7: Could you rate (likert scale) the perceived information density on semantic-mediawiki.org. (1 least satisfied with information provided (found less information than I hoped for); 5 generally satisfied with information provided (found most questions answered); 10 satisfied with information provided (found all information I was looking for) )
Question 8: If semantic-mediawiki.org didn't provide a good enough introduction what would you see as a root cause for the problem (lack of structure, unclear entry points, to much information at the beginning, conceptional difficult to grasp at first etc.)?
Not yet.
Question 9: From your perspective what kind of information is missing on semantic-mediawiki.org?
Enhance the scenarios for demo.
Question 10: If you have to improve the documentation which areas are in need for amendments (max. 3)?

Additional comments

Improve the support for ontologies and terminologies.