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Directing user input is always a difficult task to accomplish but Page Forms (PF) formerly known as Semantic Forms (SF) can help by providing form fields that are pre-determined in their range of input possibilities and extend input methods beyond the normal wiki text which can help avoid data misinterpretation

Page Forms allows for the creation of forms to add and edit wiki pages, using the fields within the page's MediaWiki template calls as the fields of the form. All semantic data is meant to be held within templates, and not directly within wiki pages. Templates assign a semantic property to some or (preferably) all of their fields; the type of each semantic property helps determine what sort of input will show up for that field in the form. Data autocompletion is also enabled, as are a variety of other features. Forms can additionally be used for querying the wiki's data.

An detailed list of supported functionality is itemized on the version history while a comprehensive introduction can be found at the documentation pages for the Page Forms extension.

Some examples in how Semantic Forms can help ease user input:



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