A list of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2020

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The total number of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2020 listed here: 15

See Category:AttendeeList for attendees of other SMWCon events. See Category:SMWCon for other SMWCons.

attendeephotonamefirst name
André CastroAndre Castro.jpegCastroAndré
Charlot CobbenMe.jpgCobbenCharlot
Joris DirksPhoto 2016-09-29 085059Joris Dirks.jpgPortrait photo of Joris DirksDirksJoris
Maria FahlMaria Fahl.jpegFahlMaria
Wolfgang FahlPhoto 2016-09-29 140359WolfgangFahl.jpgSAM 6353 WolfgangFahl.JPGFahlWolfgang
Richard HeiglPhoto 2016-09-28 110656 RichardHeigl.jpgSAM 6305 Richard Heigl.JPGHeiglRichard
Iván Hernández-CazorlaHernández-CazorlaIván
Karsten HoffmeyerKarstenHoffmeyer.jpgHoffmeyerKarsten
Luca MauriMauriLuca
Peter B. MeyerSAM 6340 Peter.JPGMeyerPeter B.
Christian MichlitsChristian.jpgMichlitsChristian
Renato OnganiaOnganiaRenato
Wouter RademakerIMG 0638 Wouter Rademaker.JPGRademakerWouter
Robert VogelPhoto 2016-09-29 082118 Robert Vogel.jpgIMG 0627 Robert Vogel.JPGVogelRobert
Thomas WolfIMG 0752 Thomas Wolf.JPGWolfThomas