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A list of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2014


The total number of attendees to SMWCon Fall 2014 listed here: 16

See Category:AttendeeList for attendees of other SMWCon events. See Category:SMWCon for other SMWCons.

attendeephotonamefirst name
Andreas BlumauerBlumauerAndreas
Jeroen De DauwDe DauwJeroen
Alexander GesinnSAM 6332 Alexander Gesinn.JPGGesinnAlexander
Markus GlaserPhoto 2016-09-28 112304 Markus Glaser.jpgGlaserMarkus
Simon HeimlerPhoto 2016-09-29 084819SimonHeimler.jpgSimon H.jpgHeimlerSimon
Toni Hermoso PulidoPhoto 2016-09-29 110001Toni.jpgToniHermosoSMWConFall2015.pngHermoso PulidoToni
Karsten HoffmeyerKarstenHoffmeyer.jpgHoffmeyerKarsten
Bernhard KrabinaPhoto 2016-09-29 084439Bernhard Krabina.jpgKrabinaBernhard
Sabine MelnickiSAM 6289 Sabine Melnicki.JPGMelnickiSabine
James MontalvoMontalvoJames
Nicolas NalletPhoto 2016-09-28 112330 Nicolas Nallet.jpgSAM 6356 Nicolas Nallet.JPGNalletNicolas
Tobias OettererPhoto 2016-09-28 111512 TobiasOetterer.jpgOettererTobias
Robert RadkeAgenda RobertRadke.jpgRadkeRobert
Hermann SchwärzlerPhoto 2016-09-29 105411Hermann Schwärzler.jpgSchwärzlerHermann
Christoph SonnlechnerSonnlechnerChristoph
Peter WoudsmaSAM 5092 Peter Woudsma.JPGWoudsmaPeter