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  1. Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki (Has duration: 20)
  2. An Analysis of Semantic Wiki Communities: Why Are They Embracing Properties and Not Concepts? (Has duration: 20)
  3. BlueForge Feature Matrix: WikiData - An experience report (Has duration: 30)
  4. Breaking News Detection with Wikidata and Wikipedia (Has duration: 30)
  5. Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopedias (Has duration: 20)
  6. Challenges with Annotating Liver Patient Data for Cognition-Guided Surgery (Has duration: 30)
  7. Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi (Has duration: 20)
  8. Current status and next steps for SMW (Has duration: 30)
  9. DBpedia Mappings wiki (Has duration: 30)
  10. Developing professional standards with SMW (Has duration: 30)
  11. Effective metadata management of sensor networks using SMW (Has duration: 30)
  12. Improving dependency management and easing upgrades (Has duration: 20)
  13. Lightweight data browsing with Miga (Has duration: 20)
  14. NYCpedia (Has duration: 20)
  15. OWL Wiki Forms (OWF): A Style Language that Generates Wikis from Semantic Web Ontologies (Has duration: 25)
  16. Revolutionizing page naming with semantic properties (Has duration: 20)
  17. Role-based Access Control in SMW (Has duration: 20)
  18. SMW as working environment for small companies (Has duration: 20)
  19. SMW in Technical Documentation (Has duration: 30)
  20. SMW in the Public Sector - lessons learned and future requirements (Has duration: 20)
  21. Semantic Business Process Management - BPM meets SMW (Has duration: 20)
  22. Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missing (Has duration: 30)
  23. Semantic MediaWiki and Neuroscience Data - A Blue Brain Perspectiv (Has duration: 30)
  24. Semantic Time Traveling: Tagging and Branching Knowledge with SMW (a vision) (Has duration: 30)
  25. SmartCore – Managing SMW content structure for dummies (Has duration: 25)
  26. State of Wikidata (Has duration: 30)
  27. The User's Perspective: Customer and Contact Management with Semantic MediaWiki (Has duration: 0)
  28. Using SMW for hydrological analysis (Has duration: 30)
  29. Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise knowledge management and case analysis (Has duration: 20)
  30. Using smw for hydrological analysis (Has duration: 30)