User:Yury Katkov/SMWCon Summary

Yury KaktovUser:Yury Katkov/SMWCon Summary
  1. Adding power to educational and research wikis with Semantic MediaWiki (Has duration 20 minutes)
  2. An Analysis of Semantic Wiki Communities: Why Are They Embracing Properties and Not Concepts? (Has duration 20 minutes)
  3. BlueForge Feature Matrix: WikiData - An experience report (Has duration 30 minutes)
  4. Breaking News Detection with Wikidata and Wikipedia (Has duration 30 minutes)
  5. Building enterprise knowledge using semantic encyclopedias (Has duration 20 minutes)
  6. Challenges with Annotating Liver Patient Data for Cognition-Guided Surgery (Has duration 30 minutes)
  7. Collaborative Modeling of Processes and Ontologies with MoKi (Has duration 20 minutes)
  8. Current status and next steps for SMW (Has duration 30 minutes)
  9. DBpedia Mappings wiki (Has duration 30 minutes)
  10. Developing professional standards with SMW (Has duration 30 minutes)
  11. Effective metadata management of sensor networks using SMW (Has duration 30 minutes)
  12. Improving dependency management and easing upgrades (Has duration 20 minutes)
  13. Lightweight data browsing with Miga (Has duration 20 minutes)
  14. NYCpedia (Has duration 20 minutes)
  15. OWL Wiki Forms (OWF): A Style Language that Generates Wikis from Semantic Web Ontologies (Has duration 25 minutes)
  16. Revolutionizing page naming with semantic properties (Has duration 20 minutes)
  17. Role-based Access Control in SMW (Has duration 20 minutes)
  18. SMW as working environment for small companies (Has duration 20 minutes)
  19. SMW in Technical Documentation (Has duration 30 minutes)
  20. SMW in the Public Sector - lessons learned and future requirements (Has duration 20 minutes)
  21. Semantic Business Process Management - BPM meets SMW (Has duration 20 minutes)
  22. Semantic Forms: What's new, what's still missing (Has duration 30 minutes)
  23. Semantic MediaWiki and Neuroscience Data - A Blue Brain Perspectiv (Has duration 30 minutes)
  24. Semantic Time Traveling: Tagging and Branching Knowledge with SMW (a vision) (Has duration 30 minutes)
  25. SmartCore – Managing SMW content structure for dummies (Has duration 25 minutes)
  26. State of Wikidata (Has duration 30 minutes)
  27. The User's Perspective: Customer and Contact Management with Semantic MediaWiki (Has duration 0 minutes)
  28. Using SMW for hydrological analysis (Has duration 30 minutes)
  29. Using Semantic MediaWiki in enterprise knowledge management and case analysis (Has duration 20 minutes)