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Wow. What a downer, although not completely unexpected I must say.
For ones I made the general exception to fill in some survey. In this case the SMW survey (link at top of this page(Removed, until re-added))
So I filled in the questions (nothing general good toward SMW's documentation or communications levels).
And after that I hit the save button on the survey form.
... nothing seemed to happen.
... maybe I miss clicked. So I click it again.
... still nothing that re-samples some action feedback.
... 3th time is a charm of course. Still nothing ... ok, fine by me.
Guess SMW is not aware of the general rule that proper feedback on an action is essential in letting the user(or whatever other system for that matter) know its action was detected.
O well. I guess that was the last survey I ever spend my time on (for real, although I'm of course the only one that knows I'll truly stick to that.)
... Science is not the only area where bad apples generate some ripple effect (usually initiated by some butterfly flapping its wings). ...
21:21, 26 February 2018

I can understand your frustration and I am sorry for this. I was not aware that the survey offered was broken so thank you for reporting it. I now removed it until it was fixed to prevent others from running into the issue you experienced.

22:54, 26 February 2018