SMW not tracking redirects


I have a few pages that I recently renamed (updating all of the redirects), and ever since that time none of their redirects have been appearing in {{#ask}} queries based on their pagenames. For example, I have a page that I renamed from Infliximab to PF-06438179, and it has 26 redirects. Before, a template on the page with a query of the form

The part "..." of the query was not understood.</br>Results might not be as expected.

listed 53 pages, but ever since the move it only lists the 6 that direct-link to the page (ignoring the 47 that link to redirects).

  • I've performed dummy-edits on all of the redirects multiple times to try to refresh the index
  • I've performed dummy-edits on the page and the template to try to refresh the {{#ask}} function
  • I've performed dummy-edits on a few of the pages linking to redirects to try to refresh the semantic tags
  • I've completed a data repair cycle via the SMW admin panel
  • I've had my sysadmin run refreshLinks.php

None of these has corrected the problem. How do I make SMW rediscover these redirects? Thanks!

- Semantic MediaWiki 1.8 - MediaWiki 1.20.2 - PHP 5.3.19 (apache2handler) - MySQL 5.1.30

Michael Chidester

17:38, 26 February 2013

Posting this this the mailing list was the way to do it. :) Cheers

17:39, 26 February 2013