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Special pages are provided either to allow exploring the information and data added to the wiki or to give overviews on available information as well as statistical data that help to perform various administrative and maintenance tasks.

The following table lists the 13 special pages currently made available by Semantic MediaWiki (SMW):

Name Description Ver­sions
Ask Provides an interface that assists users with creating and executing semantic queries 0.6+
Browse Shows all properties and their values annotated to a page 0.7+
Concepts Lists all concepts which were created 1.9.0+
PageProperty Allows to search all values of a given property on the wiki or a given page 0.7+
ProcessingErrorList Lists errors that occurred in connection with Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0+
Properties Lists properties and displays their usage 0.4+
PropertyLabelSimilarity Lists syntactic similarities between property labels 2.5.0+
SearchByProperty Allows to search the wiki by properties or property value combinations 1.1.0+
SemanticMediaWiki Provides functions for wiki administrators that assist in doing their administration work 2.5.0+
Types Lists all available datatypes 0.4+
UnusedProperties Lists properties with an explicit datatype assignment without having a value assignment (annotation) 0.3+
WantedProperties Lists used properties with no explicit datatype assignment 0.3+

The following table lists the 2 special pages made available by Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) which are obsolete and were removed:

Name Description Ver­sions
SMWAdmin Provides functions for the software administrators that assist in doing their administration work 0.3 - 2.5.8
SemanticStatistics Lists statistics about semantic data 0.7 - 2.5.8