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Help:Special page "SearchByProperty"Special:Search by property/fr
Allows to search the wiki by properties or property value combinations
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Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 1.1.0
Removed: still available
In this wiki: Special:SearchByProperty

SearchByProperty is a special page that allows to search the wiki by properties or property value combinations. This special page was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.1.0. Substantial improvements of the user interface and its behaviour were introduced with Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.0.

It provides a simple search form for finding semantic backlinks. Users may use it in two ways:

  1. Enter a property name assisted by autocompletion on existing properties to get a list of all values stored with the particular property
  2. Enter a property name and a target value to get a list of all pages that have that property with that value.

This service is directly accessible through the Search icon.png link within the factbox (see example at the bottom of this page) or on special page "Browse" (see this example).

If you search for a property of a numeric, text or date type, and there are only few results, the nearest results will be shown as well. This can be adjusted by changing the setting for configuration parameter $smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy in your "LocalSettings.php" file.

Since Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0 the search form using autocompletion for search suggestions on properties is using the property lookup cache for performance reasons which is governed by the $smwgCacheUsage configuration parameter.