Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.6 (en)

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Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.6Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.6 (en)

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.6
Release date: February 15, 2017
Previous version: SMW 2.4.5
Next version: SMW 2.5.0
Compatible with: MW 1.19.0 - 1.28.x
Current version:
SMW 2.5.5

Version 2.4.6 of Semantic MediaWiki is the next release after the Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.5 release. It provides an enhancement for users of MySQL as relational data backend. See the English language RELEASE NOTES below on this page for further information. Please refer to the help page on installing Semantic MediaWiki to get detailed instructions on how to install or upgrade.

Important noteImportant Note: If upgrading from Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.x and lower please remember to run "update.php" before continuing to work with Semantic MediaWiki.
NoteNote: Due to issues of Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.x with MediaWiki 1.26+ it is strongly recommended to upgrade for best experience if you are using this setup.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.6

Released on February 15th, 2017.


  • #2235 Backport of #1758 - Add configuration parameter $smwgQTemporaryTablesAutoCommitMode allowing to create MySQL temp tables in auto commit mode

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.5

Released on January 16th, 2017.

Bug fixes

  • e3689e6 Fixed datatypes not being recognized on property pages
  • #2124 Fixed to use wfCgiToArray to avoid deprecation notice for SMWInfolink
  • #2156 Fixed Javascript error caused by wikiScript being undefined
  • #2160 Fixed ParserCachePurgeJob to be avoided on an empty request
  • #2166 Fixed QueryDependencyLinksStore to check for a null title

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.4

Released on December 14, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #2078 Fixed error for MySQL 5.7 causing "SELECT list; this is incompatible with DISTINCT"
  • #2089 Fixed error for MySQL 5.7 causing "UPDATE - SET; Data too long for column"

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.3

Released on November 28nd, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1975 Fixed alias definitions for namspace "Type" causing notices due to the namespace being undefined
  • fd6b4cf Fixed a compatibility breaking short array syntax for PHP 5.3
  • 0ae3a3e Added missing internal file loading

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.2

Released on November 13th, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1829 Only have the DisplayTitlePropertyAnnotator create an annotation in case SMW_DV_WPV_DTITLE is enabled
  • #1883 Avoided mismatch in case hasSubSemanticData has been overridden as by Sql3StubSemanticData
  • #1885 Fixed postgres bytea escape/unescape on blob fields
  • #1887 Moved Hooks:CanonicalNamespaces to an earlier execution point
  • #1897 Worked around deprecated/removed DatabaseBase::getSearchEngine
  • #1901 Made enableSemantics call NamespaceManager
  • #1911 Improved compatibility with MediaWiki 1.28+

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.1

Released on July 12th, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1328 Fixed a "Undefined index: language" error in #smwdoc parser function
  • #1713 Fixed a "Segmentation fault" when QueryResultDependencyListResolver tries to resolve a category/property hierarchy with a circular reference
  • #1715 Fixed decoding of a single quotation mark in DisplayTitlePropertyAnnotator
  • #1724 Fixed a possible InvalidArgumentException in connection with SMW_DV_PVUC by updating the CachedPropertyValuesPrefetcher version number
  • #1726 Allows QueryDependencyLinksStore to execute getDependencyListByLateRetrieval even in cases of an intial empty list
  • #1727 Fixed an issue when property names contain < or > symbols
  • #1728 Fixed fatal error in Special:SearchByProperty on when the property name contains invalid characters
  • #1731 Fixed possible error in the SkinAfterContent hook when a null object is used