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Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.0Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.0/tr
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Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.0
Release date: July 9, 2016
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.0
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0
Compatible with: MW 1.19.0 - 1.27.x
Current version:
SMW 3.2.0

Semantic MediaWiki öğesinin Sürüm 2.4.0 Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.0 sürümünden sonraki bir sonraki önemli sürümdür. Birkaç yeni özellik sunar, mevcut işlevselliği geliştirir, hata düzeltmeleri sağlar ve platform kararlılığını daha da artırır. Daha fazla bilgi için bu sayfadaki İngilizce YAYIN NOTLAR bölümüne bakınız. Lütfen nasıl yükleneceği veya yükseltileceği hakkında ayrıntılı talimatlar almak için kurulum Semantic MediaWiki'deki yardım sayfasına bakın.

Important noteImportant Note:Lütfen Semantic MediaWiki ile çalışmaya devam etmeden önce, yükseltmeden sonra "update.php" komutunu çalıştırmayı unutmayın.
NoteNote: MediaWiki 1.26+ ile Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.x sorunları nedeniyle, bu kurulumu kullanıyorsanız en iyi deneyimi elde etmek için yükseltme yapmanız şiddetle önerilir.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.4

Released on July 9th, 2016.


Support for multiple languages

Added support for multilingual content. This includes the introduction of the monolongual text datatype, a new special property to describe properties and the new Semantic Interlanguage Links extension.

Pattern based constraints

Added support for constraint specification using regular expressions (#1417). The use of regular expressions and thus the Allows pattern property to express a constraint assignment is restricted to users with the smw-patternedit right.

Positional units

It is now possible to specify which position a custom unit should have in Corresponds to annotations. This means you can specify [[Corresponds to::€ 1]] instead of [[Corresponds to::1 €]]. You can find a small example on the Sandbox.

Display precision

You can now specify the precision used for display of numeric properties (i.e. those of type Number, Quantity, Temperature). This is done using the Display precision of property. You can override this display precision per #ask query, by using -p<digit>. You can view the examples.

Enhanced date and time formatting

Extended date and time formatting by supporting PHP's DateTime format rules.

Display Title storage

MediaWiki's {{DISPLAYTITLE:...}} can now be stored as the Display title of special property, so it can be used in queries.

Compatibility changes

Support was added for MediaWiki 1.26 and MediaWiki 1.27. SMW 2.3 has know issues with these versions of MediaWiki, so you are highly encouraged to upgrade SMW if you plan to use one of them. While SMW 2.3 already had beta support for PHP 7, this release fully supports it.

This release does not drop support for anything. It is however the last release to support PHP older than 5.5 and MediaWiki older than 1.25.

For more information, see the compatibility overview.

New features and enhancements

  • #498 Extended rebuildData.php to remove outdated entity references (see PropertyTableIdReferenceDisposer)
  • #1243 Made failed queries discoverable
  • #1246 Added support for ~/!~ on single value queries (example: {{#ask: [[~Foo/*]] }})
  • #1267 Added the browseByProperty API module to fetch a property list or individual properties via the WebAPI
  • #1268 Restored compliance with MediaWiki's 1.26/1.27 WebAPI interface to ensure continued support for the ask and askargs output serialization
  • #1257 Changed import of recursive annotations (#1068) from the format to a query level using the import-annotation parameter
  • #1291 Added support for range queries such as [[>AAA]] [[<AAD]]
  • #1293 Added _ERRC and _ERRT as pre-defined properties to aid error analysis
  • #1299 Added dot named identifier restriction for subobject names containing a dot ( reserved for extensions)
  • #1313 Added usage count information to property pages
  • #1321 Added $smwgSparqlRepositoryConnectorForcedHttpVersion setting to force a specific HTTP version in case of a #1306 cURL issue
  • #1290 Added support for properties and prinrequests to be forwarded to a redirect target if one exists
  • #1329 Added positional preference for units when declared in Corresponds to (¥ 500 vs 500 JPY)
  • #1350 Enlarged input field on special page "Browse"
  • #1335 Added possibility to specify a display precision for a numeric datatype by either denoting a Display precision of or using -p<number of digits> as #ask printout option
  • #1344 Added MonolingualTextValue and LanguageCodeValue
  • #1361 Added --with-maintenance-log option to rebuildData.php, rebuildPropertyStatistics.php, and rebuildConceptCache.php
  • #1381 Added localizable context help for properties using the predefined property Has property description (which is specified as MonolingualText type)
  • #1389 Added free date/time formatting support using the -F[ ... ] option
  • #1391 Made subobject directly browsable from/in the Factbox
  • #1396 Explicitly annotated years now have an AC/CE era indication
  • #1397 Added support for microseconds in DITime
  • #1401 Added support for parsing 年/月/日 date format in DITime
  • #1407 Added quick result download links to Special:Ask
  • #1410 Added support for {{DISPLAYTITLE:title}} caption using the Display title of property
  • #1417 Added Allows pattern property to define a value constraint using regular expressions and the required smw-patterneditright to add those expressions
  • #1433 Added --ignore-exceptions and exception-log options to rebuildData.php while option -v is showing additional information about the processed entities
  • #1440 Added various changes to accommodate MW 1.27
  • #1463 Added support for the Has uniqueness constraint property trait
  • #1474 Added a search link for zero properties to the Special:Properties
  • #1483 Added statistics about outdated entities to the Special:Statistics
  • #1542 Extended the query parser to support conditions with object values that contain = (#640)
  • #1545 Added #LOCL as TimeValue output format
  • #1570 Added "Object ID disposal" to Special:SMWAdmin
  • #1572 Extended the query parser to support property chaining on subtypes
  • #1580 Added #LOCL as BooleanValue output format
  • #1591 Added #LOCL as NumberValue output format
  • #1626 Added $GLOBALS['smwgQueryDependencyAffiliatePropertyDetectionlist'] to monitor affiliate properties required for initiating a query dependency update

Bug fixes

  • #541 Fixed duplicate column when "further results ..." are redirected to Special:Ask
  • #753 Fixed number parsing of non-zero lead decimal numbers (.1 vs 0.1) / (T40476)
  • #1244 Find redirect for a property when specified as a record field (in PropertyListValue)
  • #1248 Fixed misplaced replacement of _ in the ImportValueParser
  • #1270 Fixed printout display of inverse properties
  • #1272 Fixed serialization of _rec type in the QueryResultSerializer
  • #1275 Fixed export of record type data when embedded in a subobject
  • #1286 Fixed support for sorting by category
  • #1287 Fixed exception for when $smwgFixedProperties contains property keys with spaces
  • #1289 Fixed redirect statement for resources matched to an import vocabulary (SPARQL query)
  • #1301 Fixed count query result discrepancy (to exclude redirect and deleted entities)
  • #1314 Fixed hidden annotation copy of [[ :: ]] text values when embedded in query results
  • #1318 Fixed possible null object in AskParserFunction when creating a QueryProfile
  • #1357 Fixed |+align=... usage for format=table
  • #1358 Fixed recognition of multi-byte boolean value
  • #1348 Fixed single year detection in TimeValue
  • #1414 Fixed exception caused by a missing message page on a Service link annotation
  • #1449 Fixed mapping of imported URI to an internal DataItem
  • #1450 Fixed export of concept
  • #1453 Fixed off/on display in text value
  • #1459 Fixed column display regression in CategoryResultPrinter for subobjects
  • #1466 Fixed remote resource path detection that appeared in connection with a non-default extension setup
  • #1473 Fixed exception caused by ParameterInput due to "HTML attribute value can not contain a list of values"
  • #1477 Fixed query result from SPARQLStore to filter redirects natively
  • #1489 Fixed fatal error in RdfResultPrinter due to namespace mismatch
  • #1496 Fixed concept handling for postgres
  • #1513 Fixed rendering of text properties containing wikitext lists
  • #1526 Fixed _ handling for value strings submitted to the Special:SearchByProperty
  • #1550 Fixed SPARQLStore XML response parsing for strings that contain UTF-8 characters
  • #1562 Fixed fatal error in FeedResultPrinter due to usage of an interwiki assignment
  • #1568 Fixed usage of invalid characters/tags in property name
  • #1594 Fixed handling of numbers with scientific notation in Special:SearchByProperty
  • #1597 Fixed possible ID collision in DependencyLinksTableUpdater
  • #1598 Fixed content language setting for InfoLinks
  • #1589 Fixed display precision constraint during condition building
  • #1608 Fixed that a #info without a message will create an empty tooltip or when used as <info /> causing a failure
  • #1610 Fixed a potential exception in the postgres implementation when creating temporary tables
  • #1628 Fixed exception when NumberValue tries to use a NULL as numeric value.
  • #1638 Fixed possible invalid property in case the label contains [

Internal changes

  • #1235 Improve query performance in PropertyUsageListLookup
  • #1023 Split the DocumentationParserFunction
  • #1264 Removed pg_unescape_bytea special handling for postgres in the ResultPrinter
  • #1276 Extended QueryResultSerializer (relevant for the API output) to export the raw output of a time related value
  • #1281 Extended QueryResultSerializer to export the internal property key
  • #1291 Added DescriptionProcessor to isolate code path from the SMWQueryParser
  • #1319 Switched from Sesame 2.7.14 to 2.8.7 in the CI environment
  • #1382 Added DispatchingDataValueFormatter and ValueFormatterRegistry
  • #1385 Added StringValueFormatter and CodeStringValueFormatter
  • #1388 Added TimeValueFormatter
  • #1421 Added DeferredDependencyLinksUpdater to avoid violations reported by TransactionProfiler in MW 1.26+
  • #1417 Added PermissionPthValidator together with new the smwcurator group and smw-patternedit right
  • #1435 Added DeferredCallableUpdate (together with $GLOBALS['smwgEnabledDeferredUpdate']) to support MW's DeferrableUpdate interface (i.e. to support queuing DB related transactions)
  • #1445 Added userlang as ParserOutput option
  • #1451 Added ExtraneousLanguage interface
  • #1460 Requires PHP extension mbstring in composer.json
  • #1482 Added the SMW::FileUpload::BeforeUpdate hook
  • #1512 Fixed test suite to support PHP7
  • #1575 Removed smw_subobject from PropertyListLookup query
  • #1591 Added IntlNumberFormatter
  • #1593 Added NumberValueFormatter
  • #1601 Added InfoLinksProvider
  • #1606 Disabled DB transactions in QueryEngine to avoid potential issues when creating temporary tables
  • #1626 Added EntityIdListRelevanceDetectionFilter and TemporaryEntityListAccumulator in #1627
  • #1635 Switched from Fuseki 1.1.0 to 2.4.0 in the CI environment
  • Most updates now occur in deferred mode to conform with T92357 Extensions that wish to extend data objects are encouraged to use hooks and avoid conflicts when updates are queued.


  • James Hong Kong
  • Jeroen De Dauw
  • Karsten Hoffmeyer
  • Felipe de Jong
  • Florian Schmidt
  • Niklas Laxström
  • Ahmad Gharbeia
  • Stephan Gambke
  • Amir E. Aharoni
  • Siebrand Mazeland
  • Cindy Cicalese
  • Hangya
  • Sébastien Beyou
  • Aaron Schulz
  • Jaider Andrade Ferreira
  • Kunal Mehta
  • Ori Livneh
  • Peter Grassberger
  • Reedy
  • Vitaliy Filippov
  • Wolfgang Fahl
  • Alexander Gesinn
  • translators

Semantic MediaWiki 2.3.1

Released on January 4th, 2016.

Bug fixes

  • #1248 Fixed misplaced replacement of _ in the ImportValueParser
  • #1252 Added $smwgEnabledInTextAnnotationParserStrictMode allowing to reenable (by disabling strict mode which by default is enabled) multi-property assignments in [[ :: ]]
  • #1256 Added creation of object ID's that are not yet available in EmbeddedQueryDependencyLinksStore
  • #1268 Fixed 1.26/1.27 API/RawMode MediaWiki output changes
  • #1255 Fixed output regression (T121761) in connection with #ask and generated template HTML output
  • #1321 Added $smwgSparqlRepositoryConnectorForcedHttpVersion setting to set a specific HTTP version in case of a observed cURL issue (#1306)

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