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Name  Hershberger
First name  Mark
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Events  SMWCon Spring 2015, SMWCon Fall 2015,

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A MediaWiki Consortium: What we're doing and how you can get involvedSMWCon Spring 2014A MediaWiki Consortium -- What we're doing and how you can get involvedThe Wikimedia Foundation has contracted with my partner and I to start a MediaWiki organization that would be focused on non-WMF uses of MediaWiki. In this talk, I'll try to explain what problems we're trying to address and get the SMW community's input.
Contributing code to (Semantic) MediaWiki by using a wiki for code editingSMWCon Fall 2016Contributing code to (Semantic) MediaWiki by using the wiki for code editingThis talk will provide an insight into contributing code to (Semantic) MediaWiki and extensions by editing wiki pages containing the code information.
How to get your bug fixed in MediaWikiSMWCon Spring 2015How to get your bug fixed in MediaWikiUsing a bug in MediaWiki that Internet Explorer exposed -- a bug that was initially dismissed as only affecting VisualEditor for IE -- I'll show how I found the solution and managed to get it applied to core MediaWiki.
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group MeetingSMWCon Fall 2016MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group MeetingThe MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is meeting in real life at the conference. Join in, if you are interested in their actions and forthcomings. Get to know each other in person as well as discuss current matters.
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meetingSMWCon Fall 2015MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meetingThis is a real life meeting of the group members allowing to get to know each other in person as well as discussion current matters.
The wiki way – Contributing back to coreSMWCon Fall 2015The wiki way – Contributing back to coreThis talk will explore the Why, How, and When to contribute your code "back to core" (MediaWiki as well as Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions)

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