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Name  Mc Clure
First name  John
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About me  Computational ontologist specializing in smw-based solutions. Solid experience with all semantic extensions including Ontoprise extensions; and good experience developing own extensions and wiki page layout. Long-time developer of business intelligence and statistical analysis databases & systems. Contact jmcclure-at-hypergrove-dot-com.
Publish?  No
Events  SMWCon Spring 2015,

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Bundle:Grover OntologyBundle:Grover OntologyA look at a grammatical ontology, built upon several W3 & ISO ontologies. Couched in a discussion of "bundles" of wikipages as a new class of mediawiki extension, the DataWiki (SMW+) ontology explorer is demonstrated.
SMW Grammars & VariablesSMWCon Spring 2015SMW Grammars & VariablesA presentation of the forthcoming SMWOntologies extension which instruments SMW for query variables and multilingual property values.
SMW OntologiesSMWConSMW OntologiesThis presentation provides a walk-through of the tools & data structures in the SMWOntologies extensions
SMW Ontologies WorkshopSMWConSMW Ontologies WorkshopA walk-through of the ontologies published by the SMWOntologies extension
SMW in the OfficeSMWCon Spring 2015SMW in the OfficePresents an implementation of basic office functionality in an SMW installation.