SMW Ontologies

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{{#set: Has title=SMW Ontologies |template=BySetTemplateSimpleValueOutput}}
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Description: Has description::This presentation provides a walk-through of the tools & data structures in the SMWOntologies extensions
Speaker(s): {{#set:Has speaker=John McClure}}John McClure
Type: {{#set:Has talk type=Talk}}Talk, {{#set:Has talk type=Technical talk}}Technical talk, {{#set:Has talk type=Presentation}}Presentation
Audience: {{#set:Has audience type=Everyone}}Everyone
Length: Has duration::30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: Has keyword::data modelling, Has keyword::content management, Has keyword::ontologies, Has keyword::ontology tools, Has keyword::semantic extension
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{{#set: Has video plain= }} This was a proposed presentation which unfortunately cannot happen.