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Language code
Handles BCP47 conform language codes specifying the language of the annotated text
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Provided by: extension "Semantic MediaWiki "Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages. Semantic MediaWiki is also a full-fledged framework, in conjunction with many spinoff extensions, that can turn a wiki into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system. All data created within SMW can easily be published via the Semantic Web, allowing other systems to use this data seamlessly.
Added: 2.4.0
Removed: still in use
Alias: has no alias
Optional: yes
Visible: yes
Annotable: yes
Declarative: no
Focus: language information
In this wiki: Property:Language code
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The Language code property is a special property in Semantic MediaWiki with a built-in meaning: it handles language codes which have to conform with the IETF language tag (BCP47). It was introduced starting with Semantic MediaWiki It is enabled by default. See the help page on the configuration setting $smwgDVFeatures for details on configuring Semantic MediaWiki for special data value feature including "Language code" with the SMW_DV_MLTV_LCODE constant.


The property "Has special property description" is of datatye "Monolingual text" and gets the following annotation:

[[Has special property description::Handles BCP47 conform language codes specifying the language of the annotated text.@en]]

The "Language code" special property now gets automatically set with "en" since this was the language code defined with "@en" for English via the datavalue. Appending a language code with @?? with "??" replaced by the applicable language code is required. The same applies to annotations to the "Has property description" special property.

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