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This help page describes how to query for information about inline queries. This is possible since SWM 1.8.0 which introduced a mechanism to the parser functions ask and show that automatically stores information for the page they are used on as a subobject. Currently depth, format, size and the string of the respective query are stored.

This data can be queried as usual, e.g., to find out how many queries on the wiki use a particular format, or what are the largest queries.


The total number of queries
[[Query size::+]]

Result: 7794

The total number of pages containing queries
[[Has query::+]]

Result: 2238

The number of queries that use the format "count"
[[Query format::count]]

Result: 2399

The number of pages that use queries that use the format "list"
[[Has query.Query format::list]]

Result: 1397

Pages that have a query with format "ul" and one with format "table"
[[Has query.Query format::ul]]
[[Has query.Query format::table]]


The 10 largest queries used on the wiki with their size and duration
[[Has query::+]]
|?Query size
|?Query duration
|sort=Query duration


Querying for the query duration is not enabled for this wiki.

The 10 largest queries used on the wiki with their size and query string
[[Query string::+]]
|?Query size
|?Query string
|sort=Query size


 Query size
"Query size" is a predefined property that collects the number of conditions used in a query and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Query string
"Query string" is a predefined property that describes the conditions of the query as a string and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
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Semantic Result Formats9
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Formats des résultats9
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Formats des résultats9
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... further results

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.9.0 to the most current version.

Help:Querying for queries en 1.9.0