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Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers

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Examples/QueriesExamples/Queries/Aggregating numbers

math format, subobject query, aggregating numbers, sum

Sum for page embedded numbers[edit]

1, 1, 2, 4

{{#ask: [[{{PAGENAME}}]][[Has number::+]]
 |?Has number
 Has number
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers1

Total: 7

Sum for subobject embedded numbers[edit]

{{#ask: [[Has example::aggregating numbers]][[Has number::+]]
 |?Has number
 Has number
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers#five4
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers#four2
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers#one1
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers#three1
Examples/Queries/Aggregating numbers#two1

Total: 9

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