Maintenance script "dispose­Outdated­Entities.php"

Allows to dispose outdated entities
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Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 3.2.0
Removed: still in use
Location (path): ./extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/maintenance/
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The "disposeOutdatedEntities.php" maintenance script allows to dispose outdated entities, i.e. entities which were marked as deleted. The maintenance script was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0Released on 7 September 2020 and compatible with MW 1.31.0 - 1.35.x..12

Depending on the size and editing activity of the respective wiki it is recommended to run this maintenance script either daily or weekly via cron.


php disposeOutdatedEntities.php [--with-maintenance-log]
This only shows the script specific parameters.

Using this maintenance script is equivalent to the following script usages in earlier versions of Semantic MediaWiki:

Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.x to Semantic MediaWiki 3.1.x
php rebuildData.php --skip-properties --dispose-outdated
Semantic MediaWiki 2.4.x to Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.x
php rebuildData.php --skip-properties -s 1 -e 1


Maintenance scripts provide generic maintenance parameters, script dependent parameters and depending on the maintenance script script specific parameters which are described on this page if provided.

Script specific parameters
Parameter Description
--with-maintenance-log Adds a log entry to the "Semantic MediaWiki log" on special page "Log" (&type=smw).3

NoteNote:  If you are using this parameter make sure that MediaWiki's configuration parameter $wgMaxNameChars ( is set to a value not lower than "29".4 Otherwise an exception will be issued informing about the minimum value for this setting ("32" or higher is recommended).5


If this maintenance script was not run for a while and as a result a threshold of 20,000 outdated entities is reached on the wiki a maintenance alert will be added to the Semantic MediaWiki dashboard reminding of this task.1

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