Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0

This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0
Release date: September 7, 2020
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 3.1.6
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.1
Compatible with: MW 1.31.0 - 1.35.x
Current version:
SMW 3.2.1

Version 3.2.0 of Semantic MediaWiki is the next major release after the Semantic MediaWiki 3.1.0 release. It introduces several new features, enhances existing functionality, provides bugfixes and further increases platform stability. See the English language RELEASE NOTES below on this page for further information.

Please refer to the help pages on installing or upgrading Semantic MediaWiki to get detailed instructions on how to do this.

Please remember to run MediaWiki's "update.php" maintenance script followed by maintenance script "updateEntityCountMap.php"Allows to do mass populating of database field "smw_countmap" when initially upgrading to Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0 and later after the upgrade before continuing to work with Semantic MediaWiki.

Semantic MediaWiki 3.2.0

Released on September 7, 2020.

This release comes without a detailed list of changes. We will bring back the list in the next release.


This release supports MediaWiki 1.31.x up to 1.35.x and PHP 7.1.x up to PHP 7.4.x. Compared to Semantic MediaWiki 3.1.x, support for PHP 7.0 has been dropped and support for MediaWiki 1.34 and 1.35 was added.

You might encounter deprecation warnings on MediaWiki 1.35 if you have these warnings turned on (they are off by default). We are working on these and will create follow up releases as we fix them.

For more detailed information, see the compatibility matrix.


  • 301 - James Hong Kong
  • 118 - Jeroen De Dauw (sponsor Jeroen)
  • 70 - The translator community
  • 52 - Karsten Hoffmeyer (sponsor Karsten)
  • 4 - Jaider Andrade Ferreira
  • 2 - Fonata
  • 2 - Stephan
  • 1 - Alex Winkler
  • 1 - C. Scott Ananian
  • 1 - DannyS712
  • 1 - Mark A. Hershberger
  • 1 - Máté Szabó
  • 1 - Niklas Laxström
  • 1 - Peter Grassberger
  • 1 - Robert Vogel
  • 1 - Yuki Shira
  • 1 - carlo66

See also[edit]

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