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Every maintenance script to MediaWiki provides generic maintenance parameters as standard command line options that are available to all maintenance scripts:

Parameter Description
--help (-h) Display this help message
--quiet (-q) Whether to supress non-error output
--conf: Location of "LocalSettings.php", if not default
--wiki For specifying the wiki ID
--globals Output globals at the end of processing for debugging
--memory-limit Set a specific memory limit for the script, "max" for no limit or "default" to avoid changing it
--server: The protocol and server name to use in URLs, e.g. This is sometimes necessary because server name detection may fail in command line scripts.
--profiler Profiler output format (usually "text")
--mwdebug Enable built-in MediaWiki development settings
Note that not all parameters described here may be available to you depending on the version of MediaWiki you are using.