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Release Description
SMW 1.9 Working on subobject parser, highlighter class ...
SRF 1.9 Some new formats like Help:Media format, SMWAPI based printer format such as the re-factored Help:Eventcalendar format
SMW 1.8 Contributions to Semantic MediaWiki 1.8.0 were related to the roadmap with extending
SRF 1.8 Most time was spend in extending visual query printers for SRF 1.8 which resulted in several enhancements of existing printers, reordering of the SRF folder structure, and alignment to used shared code between different format printers.
  • major work was done on getting jqplot to work with the ResourceLoader and while did took some time it opened the possibility to create a new jqplotseries format printer that allows to series of data within the same chart
  • dygraphs for high performance charting that can include more then 10K data points
  • sparkline for inline charts
  • d3 chart
  • timeseries
  • gallery adding redirects, slidehow, and overlay widget
Data representation

SMW & SRF related developments[edit]

Some examples of my contribution for SRF and SMW 1.8.